Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Republicans Side With Big Oil, Against Us!

Republicans stop bill to do something about skyrocketting gas prices and make up ridiculous excuses for siding with "Big Oil". Rush Limbaugh will be defending them tomorrow!

Republicans show who's side they're on! They vote lockstep against bill to tax big oil's windfall profits during $4 gas and lowering big oil subsidies! They're excuse? The Republicans say it will do nothing to lower $4 gas! So, we got $4 gas doing NOTHING, but the do-nothing Republicans say that doing SOMETHING won't help! Just like in Iraq: when American deaths are up, then things are going well in Iraq...and things are going well in Iraq when American deaths are down, too! Republicans seem to say they're right all the time! With the Republicans, "It's all good, all of the time!"

Don't forget, you need "the excuse" when you side with the rich and corporations all the time! So, your excuse doesn't make any sense when examined closedly! But you HAVE to say SOMETHING! Right? Even if it's a bunch of BULLSHIT! So, vaguely say it "won't help" with nothing backing that claim, then bring in either the elderly or children for your "Straw Man Argument"! Or "the terrorists", or "things changed since 9/11"! They keep saying that "the libruls" are stopping drilling, that's what's causing high gas prices! But when they controlled the presidency, the house, and the senate from 2000->2006, they did nothing about it when they had the chance! So, they're lying!

Are the Republicans going to learn that we WANT to punish big oil? For what they're doing to us? They say this would "punish big oil", as if we feel sorry for big oil!

This is "Fat Bastard", the ex-CEO for Exxon-Mobil. He made $190,000.00 a day in 2005, or $69 million dollars a year! When he left Exxon-Mobil, he got a $400 million dollar retirement package!

And you know what else? While we're paying $4/gallon for gas and $5/gallon in July, remember that Exxon-Mobile in the last 2 quarters made the highest 2 quarterly PROFITS of any company in the history of the world! The oil giant made corporate history by booking $11.7 billion in quarterly profit; earns $1,300 a second in 2007.

So, next time you're forking over three $20 bills to fill up your Chevy, think of Fat Bastard and the Republicans! And think of the Republicans when you're voting in November! And whose side they're on!


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