Saturday, May 31, 2008

Big Dan's Big News May 31, 2008

McClellan's Book Blew The Lid Off Of Everything! Must see video below!

Add Media Propaganda to your page

McCain Reacts To McClellan: ‘Every Intelligence Agency In The World And Every Assessment’ Said Iraq Had WMD...the problem with this statement? IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!!


...more on the rightwing media propagandist front:

Mark Impomeni is a blogger/propagandist at AOL's “Political Machine” and at You can read the back story to this video at this post and read my back and forth with Impomeni at this article he wrote about Karl Rove's appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

The gist of the story is that despite Karl Rove repeatedly refusing to deny involvement in the Don Siegelman prosecution to Stephanopoulos, Impomeni headlined his story about the interview, “Rove Denies Tampering With Investigation”. This is precisely the type of cover Rove was looking for from the media despite his careful language never denying anything.

When confronted with many examples of headlines opposite to his own, Impomeni wrote: “If this were any other figure but Rove, the media would be reporting the comments exactly as I am”. Thus, Impomeni thinks himself the only one with any journalistic integrity. But it gets worse:

“Raw Story, Josh Marshall, The Carpetbagger Report, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, News Corpse, Veracifier, and Crooks and Liars at a minimum are hardly bastions of independent and unbiased journalism. I personally would also question MSNBC and Dan Abrams.”

Hence the video labeling Mark Impomeni “Today's Worst Person In The World”.



The New Daily NEPA/AAA DAILY GAS RECORD: $3.94/gallon-$59/tank; $1.46/gallon-$21/tank when oilmen Bush/Cheney took office

Scranton--Wilkes-Barre--Hazleton Regular Mid Premium Diesel
Current $3.948 $4.162 $4.346 $4.940
Yesterday $3.943 $4.156 $4.340 $4.939
Month Ago $3.619 $3.816 $3.984 $4.425
Year Ago $3.076 $3.242 $3.386 $2.938

Highest Recorded Price:

Regular Unl. $3.948 5/31/2008
Dsl. $4.940 5/31/2008


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