Saturday, May 24, 2008

Big Dan's Big News May 24, 2008

WILK's Corbett hits the ground running, to immediately, suspiciously defend her as usual, as if someone from the Clinton Machine is handing him a script. We all know a veteran politician like Hillary chooses her words carefully, and this was no accident. Hillary is not showing the judgement required of someone to take the highest office in the land.

Clinton Kennedy Assassination Reference: Raises Bobby's Death To Explain Why She Stays In Race (VIDEO)

"My Husband Did Not Wrap Up The Nomination" Until June ... "Bobby Kennedy Was Assassinated In June" ...

David Rees: Hillary Clinton: "Why Would I Drop Out Before Barack Obama Is Assassinated?"

Reagan Aides See Echo Of The Gipper In Obama Diplomacy

Chuck Hagel Takes On McCain, Repeatedly Praises Obama


Ironically, the book that got me interested in politics years ago.

This is why I hate Republicans! Comedian Al Franken is running for Senator in Minnesota. The Minnesota Republican Party on Thursday circulated a letter from GOP women calling on Franken to apologize for a sexually explicit satire he wrote for Playboy magazine 8 years ago. First of all, I guess it didn't bother them back then. Second? He's a comedian and it was comedy from 8 years ago! 'Porn-O-Rama!' describes a fantasy visit that Franken makes to a virtual sex institute, guided by a voluptuous futurist trained in Minnesota. Franken writes that 'since I've been married 23 years, I naturally chose' virtual oral sex, and he describes the experience in explicit detail. Sex with robots! Gee, sounds like what it's probably like, married to these GOP women!

GOP women want Franken to apologize for satirical 'Porn-O-Rama!'

Sex writing by Franken cited in race

Playboy, junta tied to Senate hopefuls

Sex with machines? It was a joke. Al Franken, the humorist and satirist running for the Senate in Minnesota, has written and told many of them in his time. But it's no laughing matter for the Minnesota Republican Party, which has unleashed a searing piece of opposition research on Franken: His own column, penned in 2000, for Playboy, complete with graphic sexual descriptions about a certain mechanical fantasy.

And here it is! The sexually deprived GOP women's statement:


Grow the fuck up, would ya? I think there's a war going on, and gas is $4...


McCain's elitist beer heiress wife finally releases tax returns; made over 6 million in 2006! Guess SHE isn't worried about $4 gas!

Shamnesty? McCain suffers right wing backlash over immigration flip-flop

Two of Sen. John McCain's top campaign chairmen are serving on the board of an independent organization that is behind a new attack ad against Sen. Barack Obama, an apparent violation of the Arizona Republican's new conflict of interest policy.

Washington Post: John McCain boasts that he can save $100 billion a year "immediately" by eliminating the so-called earmarks that legislators attach to spending bills to finance pet projects, usually in their home state. But he has refused to say exactly which projects he would cut, and his estimates of the amount of money that is being spent on earmarks have been challenged by independent experts.


President Bush ‘Strongly Opposes’ 0.5 Percent Increase In Military Pay Because It ‘Is Unnecessary’

Biden: ‘This Is The Worst Administration In American Foreign Policy In Modern History, Maybe Ever’


The New Daily NEPA/AAA DAILY GAS RECORD: $3.86/gallon-$57/tank; $1.46/gallon-$21/tank when oilmen Bush/Cheney took office

Scranton--Wilkes-Barre--Hazleton Regular Mid Premium Diesel
Current $3.861 $4.071 $4.250 $4.851
Yesterday $3.816 $4.022 $4.200 $4.781
Month Ago $3.529 $3.721 $3.885 $4.441
Year Ago $3.080 $3.247 $3.390 $2.937

Highest Recorded Price:

Regular Unl. $3.861 5/23/2008
Dsl. $4.851 5/23/2008

Republican Lou Barletta says that Democrat Paul Kanjorski has "indicted himself" and "the whole Democratic Party by admitting to deceiving the people to get elected." He ignores, of course, that the Republican Party jackasses are the ones who got us into this war of lies in the first place and have no intention of every getting us out, costing us a billion dollars a week. But I guess Barletta is used to costing the taxpayers $$$, he cost them a million dollars with an illegal immigration ordinance that all experts said he would lose...but he did it anyway. It was exposed that his website for this was started by Rick Santorum staffers, isn't that deception? I'm voting for the jackass I know, I don't want to find out how much the jackass I don't know is going to cost me!

For those of you who say Obama isn't being specific on the issues, how about this one-trick pony with his illegal immigration issue?

GOP raps Kanjorski for saying Dems 'stretched the facts'
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