Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Dan's Big News May 27, 2008

ABC's George Stephanopoulos talked with Karl Rove about his role in the prosecution of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. Rove repeated the claim that he learned about the prosecution in the newspaper but refused to deny that he had contacted the Justice Department to discuss the prosecution.

When asked to explain himself in the light of day, as he was on This Week, Rove stumbled badly. His attempts to parse and twist words, so effective from behind the scenes in the Bush White House, don’t play as well when the heat’s on him.



So, if Obama beats Hillary, you'd rather vote for John McCain, a man who has a 25-year history of voting against a woman's right to choose? A man who over the last eight years that NARAL has released a pro-choice scorecard has received a 0 percent rating (in his time in office, Obama has received a 100 percent rating)? A man whose campaign website says he believes Roe v. Wade "must be overturned"? A man who has vowed that, as president, he will be "a loyal and unswerving friend of the right to life movement"?

Unmasking McCain: His Reactionary Record on Reproductive Rights

McCain Defends Opposition To GI Bill In Memorial Day Speech


Jeffrey DePrimo of Pittston, Pa., where I live, just died in Afghanistan. He is on the A-D list.

List of all the troops killed in Iraq & Afghanistan, by name, from Brad Blog:

In Memoriam: U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq & Afghanistan as of May 22, 2008 [A - D]

In Memoriam: U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq & Afghanistan as of May 22, 2008 [E - K]

In Memoriam: U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq & Afghanistan as of May 22, 2008 [L - R]

In Memoriam: U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq & Afghanistan as of May 22, 2008 [S - Z]


More proof Billary Clintons are too close to the Republicans:

Clinton, Bush supporters say opinions offered on MSNBC compromise news reporting on NBC

"You're not doing what we want! Like FOX NEWS!"

Twice In One Week: The White House Goes After The Media. First, the White House spoke out against NBC News and its editing of Richard Engel's interview with President George Bush.

How dare you ask a conservative pundit what Neville Chamberlain's appeasement was! You're not supposed to do that! You're supposed to just let conservative pundits yell a bunch of shit!


Jimmy Carter says Israel has 150 nuclear weapons, newspaper claims(bd: you know our stance on that! it's OK if Israel has nukes, but not Arab countries!)

A veteran State Police forensic scientist hanged himself yesterday under circumstances shockingly similar to the suicide of another state police official just eight days ago. (bd: Yeah, right! "suicide"...like the DC Madam! These guys were working on a high profile case, and committed "suicide"! btw...what happened to the autopsy of the DC Madam? Never heard a thing about it!

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