Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mission Accomplished! Nuns Disenfranchized!

Republicans: Mission Accomplished! Nuns disenfranchized because of Indiana's Republican-pushed photo-ID law! Upheld by the Republican Supreme Court!

Indiana anti-voter Law produces first casualties: Indiana Nuns in their 80’s and 90’s

"This morning, in South Bend, Indiana, a freshman student at St. Mary's College, excited to vote for the first time, left the polling place in tears because she only possessed a private college ID and was unable to vote. The poll workers, nuns at a local convent, were trying to help the young student through her problem. While they were helping her, they realized that some of their fellow nuns, who had just arrived at the polling place, also could not vote because of the photo ID law. Not only was this group of nuns disenfranchised, but so would be four floors of retired nuns in their convent."

Students, Nuns, Denied RIGHT to Vote in Indiana Today Following Supreme Court Approval of State Photo ID Restrictions, Says Nonpartisan Watchdog Group

Students, Nuns, Denied RIGHT to Vote in Indiana Today Following Supreme Court Approval of State Photo ID Restrictions, Says Nonpartisan Watchdog Group. ALSO: Voting Machine, Registration Roll Problems Reported to National Election Protection Hotline...

Indiana Polls Protected from Dangerous Decrepit Nuns

GOP Polling Place Photo ID Restrictions: Keeping Vets (and So Many More) From Voting in America

Chief Justice Roberts is proud! 7 of 9 Supreme Court justices were nominated by Republican presidents! Nuns who have voted for decades are disenfranchized! Why do Republicans and Rush Limbaugh hate nuns?

ACLU: "Today’s decision minimizes the very real burden that Indiana’s voter ID law places on tens of thousands of eligible voters who lack a government-issued identification while accepting at face value Indiana’s unsubstantiated claim of voter fraud,” said Ken Falk, Legal Director of the ACLU of Indiana and lead counsel on the case."

PFAW: “The Supreme Court has abdicated its role as the defender of our democracy. The Justices should clear the path to the ballot box for voters, not help block the way,” said Kathryn Kolbert, President of People For the American Way Foundation. “Voter ID laws are intended to suppress voter turnout. If voter ID advocates were truly interested in fixing our election system, they’d be working to make elections verifiable and end deceptive practices that keep people from the polls…"

More reaction to the Indiana Voter ID ruling by the Supreme Court: Video Update

Advocates: Voter ID ruling may disenfranchise US voters. The Supreme Court's refusal to strike down an Indiana law requiring government-issued photo identification at the ballot box could disenfranchise minority and elderly voters at next week's primary and prompt other states to pass similar laws, voting advocates said Monday.

Supreme Court Ignores Wisconsin Data. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law requiring all voters to show photo ID. The decision ignored powerful Wisconsin data that would have blown a rather large hole in the majority decision.

Republican Party's ongoing nationwide campaign to suppress the low-income minority vote by propagating the myth of voter fraud.

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