Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Dan's Big News May 21, 2008


Obama wins OR, Clinton triumphs in KY

Obama Nearing 3 Million Donations, Raises $31 Million In April

Since much ink has been spent on Sen. Barack Obama's troubles with the white work class vote - "[it has been] painted as a fatal flaw in his campaign," as Keith Olberman noted - it is important to note that the Senator had big time success among that very constituency in Oregon's primary on Tuesday.

White voters - the only ones in the exit polls because the state is so homogeneous - went to the Senator in overwhelming numbers. In fact, every age group, except those older than 60, preferred Obama to Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Got that? That "whites" bullshit was just...bullshit!!! "Older than 60" whites preferred Hillary, and they're the ones most disenfranchized by the GOP push for photo-id for voting! It's all backfiring on them! Because, that means the "older than 60" would vote for McCain! So, keep pushing that photo-id law, Republicans! It's disenfranchizing McCain voters!

Does Oregon Put Obama's White Working Class Problem To Rest?

Republican Party hasn't had a BLACK Senator, Congressman, or Governor in SIX YEARS!

Republicans To Retire Watt's Jersey at Convention (funny)

McCain’s New Iran Gaffe: If The ‘Average American’ Thinks Ahmadinejad Is In Control Of Iran, Then So Do I

"Let me be clear, privatizing Social Security was a bad idea when George W. Bush proposed it, it's a bad idea today," Obama said. "That's why I stood up against this plan in the Senate and that's why I won't stand for it as president."

Yeow!!! Hillary: Karl Rove analysis supports me as strongest candidate


Sen. Kennedy has malignant brain tumor

Senator Byrd sobs over news of Ted Kennedy:


Barbara Harvey climbs into the back of her small Honda sport utility vehicle and snuggles with her two golden retrievers, her head nestled on a pillow propped against the driver's seat. Californian Barbara Harvey says she is forced to sleep in her car with her dogs after losing her job earlier this year. A former loan processor, the 67-year-old mother of three grown children said she never thought she'd spend her golden years sleeping in her car in a parking lot. "This is my bed, my dogs," she said. "This is my life in this car right now."

A gravely ill woman at risk of being removed from the country for lack of adequate insurance coverage awoke from a coma Tuesday.

More screwing over Americans by "outsourcing":

Kansas Citians Are Angry: The Kansas City Star Outsources to India(get mad at the rich, white, American CEO's doing this, not the Indians!)

Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law? (h/t BB2)

Video: Waxman tells Republican lawmaker, 'I'll have you physically removed from this meeting'

The View co-host brings up Prescott Bush's Nazi ties


Another new daily gas record! Big Dan predicts $4 by Monday Memorial Day! And $5 by the end of June! Or more! That'll be $75 for a tank of gas! The average gas tank is 15 gallons: 15 x $5 = $75


Scranton--Wilkes-Barre--Hazleton Regular Mid Premium Diesel
Current $3.789 $3.995 $4.171 $4.741
Yesterday $3.778 $3.982 $4.158 $4.722
Month Ago $3.489 $3.678 $3.840 $4.428
Year Ago $3.046 $3.211 $3.353 $2.923

Highest Recorded Price:

Regular Unl. $3.789 5/21/2008
Dsl. $4.741 5/21/2008

Within the next few days, America will cross a benchmark that I thought to be possible, but not necessarily probable this Spring. Well before Memorial Day weekend, U.S. motorists will spend more than $1.5-billion per day on gasoline.

Colbert: "Oil is a ZERO-profit business"

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