Monday, May 19, 2008

Operation Bring Back Sean Hannity

I never dreamed I'd be saying this, but WILK: could you please bring back Sean Hannity to replace Steve Corbett? Sean Hannity had a show on our local radio station WILK from 3pm-7pm, which I couldn't stand. I almost couldn't stand him as much as Rush Limbaugh! WILK replaced Hannity's syndicated show with a local talk radio show, the Steve Corbett Show. Corbett used to be a writer for the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader a long time ago, then he went to California for several years. Why he came back, I don't know. My guess is, he fell flat on his face in California. I think that's a pretty good guess.

Corbett's radio show has been on for about a year (going by memory, it's just a guesstimate). I liked Corbett's show. I listened to it just about every day. I hated the Sean Hannity Show, so I thought Corbett was a breath of fresh air. He seemed to never rub anyone the wrong way and let everyone speak from all points of view. He had on many varied topics and subject. He would get a lot of callers who disagreed with him, but would talk to them masterfully in a way not to alienate them. And at least he wasn't another rightwing Hannity, Limbaugh, or O'Reilly. I liked his show so much, I went to see him broadcast live from a bar in Wilkes-Barre called Oyster. Besides the guests he had on, there was no one there except me and my wife. IE, my wife and I were the only "fans" there. (former fans now)

When the Democratic primary came to Pennsylvania, Corbett's show turned into some kind of bizarre "Whoring for Hillary Show" or the "I Hate Obama Show" (take your pick). And that's all it's been ever since. He's obsessed with talking about Obama smoking, Obama calling someone "sweetie", Obama supposedly hired non-union help in NEPA (what ever happened to that one, Steve?), Hugh Rodham "happened" to call Corbett's show a couple of times (Hugh Rodham listens to WILK...RIGHT!), Obama this, Obama that...his show is simply became a show about bashing Obama. He even started smearing anyone who backed Obama, such as Scranton Senator Bob Casey. He started some smear campaign that Casey disrespected a local soldier who was killed in Iraq. What ever happened to that, Steve? Throw enough shit against the wall, and see what sticks?

The way his show used to be so good and then suddenly turned this way the exact moment the Democratic primary came to Pennsylvania, as abrupt as driving off a cliff, makes one question what exactly is going on here, if there's more here than meets the eye, if there's something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about.

He supposedly started something called "Operation Turn Down". Possibly modelled after Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" (?). He and some others on the internet (all FIVE of them), claim this is a "massive movement", a "grassroots movement". Actually, what's happening, is Hillary backers are "taking their ball and going home" because Hillary will not be the nominee. Now they're pulling the "nuclear option" (or should I say "noo-KEY-lore option" like Bush) and saying they will not vote for Obama. Sore losers! If we don't win, nobody wins!'s even happening! Corbett and his "callers" say it's happening...

Corbett keeps claiming he will not have the heirarchy of the Democratic Party shove Obama down "our" throats. Funny, I thought Obama won the nomination because voters voted for him! Obama won the vote, Corbett is shoving Hillary down our throats! Obama won the most states, the most votes, and the most delegates! Democratically, by the peoples' votes! Corbett and his supposed "followers" think that even though Obama won the peoples' vote, maybe we should install Hillary anyway! Damn what the people voted! Hillary's more "electable" (even though she couldn't even beat Obama)! That's how we should pick the nominee, based on a few loudmouth losers that shout, "Hillary's more electable!", not by voting! I guess Corbett doesn't like the democratic process, and now he's going to take his ball and go home, like a little kid. And try and get some other idiots along the way to follow him.

He's good at getting an idiotic mob mentality going, using "we", "us" "us Pennsylvanians" (how about 'us Californians', Steve? you left "us" for years!). If Corbett doesn't get his way about something, it's "we Pennsylvanians aren't going to take this from Obama, are we?" "Obama's camp can't talk to us like this, are we going to take this?". Who's "we", Steve?

Based on me and my wife witnessing that we were the only fans at Oyster that day, and based on the fact that there are maybe 5 mentions of this so-called "Operation Turn Down" on the internet (cut/pasted), I think this will be like Corbett's "Operation California", and it will fall flat on its face. Actually, it will never get high enough off the ground to fall from anywhere.

It looks like Hillary's devisiveness has rubbed off on some of her backers, and the "threat" is: "...damn the actual vote, 'install Hillary as the nominee or we won't vote for Obama!" Or at least some loudmouths are saying that. In reality this isn't even happening.

Today, Corbett had people (supposedly) from other states calling into his show saying, "I'm joining 'Operation Turn Down'! You're right Steve! I agree with you!" Right! There is as much of a chance of someone in the state of Wyoming listening to the Corbett Show, as there is ME or YOU listening to a local station in the state of Wyoming...that's ZERO percent chance! Yet, someone from the state of Wyoming called in and agreed with "Operation Turn Down". And people from supposedly from other states were calling and agreeing with him. Funny? No one from another state called in and disagreed with "Operation Turn Down"...what are the odds of that? The same odds of a person legitimatelly calling in and agreeing...which is ZERO percent! Another funny thing? I never heard anyone from another state call in before! They must've all "happened" to have tuned in today! Just like when Hugh Rodham "happened" to call in!

That's a HUGE stretch to believe something like that! I suppose if these people were calling from around the country, this wasn't some orchestrated Ron Poppeil infomercial-type setup, like the old snake-oil salesmen where someone comes out of the crowd that's a supposed "bystander" and says how great the product is.

I know that I always listen to local talk radio shows in other states all the time for absolutely no reason! In fact, one of my favorites, I listen to local talk radio shows in the Dakotas to see what's happening there on the local level (sarcastic). BULLSHIT!!!

If you expect me to believe that people from around the country are listening to local-yokel WILK Steve Corbett's show and calling into it...and it's legit (not like some infomercial), I have a bridge to sell you-the 8th Street Bridge in Wyoming. Wyoming, Pa., right next to me...not the state of Wyoming.

Corbett was a diplomat up until now. For example, he's outspoken for the illegal immigrants, yet he welcomed many callers against the illegal immigrants and spoke with them politely, not giving up his ground, but not coming across as spewing hatred and devisiveness towards them. This changed with the Obama issue. Now he comes across with the hatred and devisiveness of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Corbett came back into town as a radical progressive with the ability to not alienate callers of opposing points of view, but now he's just an Obama-basher who sings off-key polkas about Keilbasi's like some sort of country hick show, often recently stating, "It's my show, I can say whatever I want!", to "apologize" for his recent behavior. That's true, but hatred develops more hatred, and diplomacy develops more diplomats.

Looks like bullshit...smells like bullshit...IT MUST BE BULLSHIT!

Take your ball and go home, Steve, we don't need you!


I never thought I'd be saying this in a million years, but WILK...Please bring back Sean Hannity!
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