Monday, May 19, 2008

Corbett's "Operation Turn Down" Opens Him Up For GOP Manipulation

How many times have I blogged about this, hundreds of times? Where have you heard this before:

"I'm an African-American women, and I agree with everything you say, Rush."

"I'm a black guy, but I agree with everything you say, Sean."

You've heard these FAKE/shill/manipulating callers on the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity Shows! Their calling card is that they announce, "I'm a black guy, and...." etc... No one speaks like that! When did you ever speak to a black person, and they led off their conversation like that? Never!

Well, it looks like Steve Corbett was played like a fiddle by a shill GOP caller, who began their call with, "Steve, I'm an African-American woman, and I wouldn't vote for Obama. I'm voting for McCain, he's a patriot..." etc...etc...etc... The only difference between the Limbaugh & Hannity shows, and Corbett's show, is their callers are "in on it" with Rush & Sean and their target is to manipulate the audience like an infomercial! In Corbett's case, HE was the one manipulated, not the audience! (Side note: As George W. Bush winds down his presidency, Republicans are now on the verge of going six years without an African-American governor, senator or House member.)

Keep in mind, this was a black woman for John McCain! Not Hillary! I'd love to meet a black woman who's for John McCain!

Also? Let's recap your first 2 callers after 6pm: A woman called and said that Obama will "beat down the whites", and the next caller said they wouldn't vote for Obama because of his "Muslim background". What a classy group of callers your "Operation Turn Down" is attracting!

Your show had descended to being a show about Obama-bashing and your callers have descended into the ones I've described above. And you better watch out for GOP manipulation, if you care.

Hate begets hate. When you're filled with hate, you also open yourself up to manipulation.

Also, "Operation Turn Down" is supposedly attracting a nationwide and worldwide audience (says Corbett and WILK). Then you should probably drop topics like the corruption in the Luzerne County courthouse and all other local subjects. What does someone in California or India care about that?

On the reverse side, if you DO go back to having local topics, I wonder what that guy in New Dehli thinks about Judge Ciavarella? For that matter, what does he care about Obama and Hillary?
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