Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Dan's Big News May 23, 2008

"My fellow Americans...Mission: Accomplished! $4 gas!"

"I know we controlled every branch of government from 2000->2006, and didn't introduce drilling in we could blame it on that now....I know gas was $1.46 when I took office, and I know that me & Dick Cheney are oilmen, sympathetic to the oil barons...gosh! Where's another 9/11 when ya need one!"


Scranton--Wilkes-Barre--Hazleton Regular Mid Premium Diesel
Current $3.816 $4.022 $4.200 $4.781
Yesterday $3.789 $3.995 $4.171 $4.741
Month Ago $3.502 $3.692 $3.855 $4.444
Year Ago $3.064 $3.230 $3.372 $2.935

Highest Recorded Price:

Regular Unl. $3.816 5/22/2008
Dsl. $4.781 5/22/2008

Area gas prices cross $4 threshold. The first area service stations have crossed the $4 per gallon threshold for regular unleaded gasoline, even as the volatile crude oil market quieted Thursday, retreating from the overnight trading high above $135 per barrel.

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NEARBY FUN in NEPA! Higher costs will hinder holiday travelers, AAA says, but closer attractions beckon


Making more friends in Iraq! What is must be like for Iraqi children and civilians, to be liberated by us for 6 years!

Get this: We kill Iraqi children and civilians, trying to quell unrest caused by a U.S. soldier using the Koran for target practice a few days ago! Can you believe this? THEN, as usual, we say like we always do when we kill their children and civilians, that they were using them as "human shields" or "we're sorry for killing your children, but too bad it's collateral damage"!

U.S. airstrike kills 8 Iraqi civilians


Breaking news video: Obama, Clinton camps in 'formal' talks for VP slot


If you're campaign slogan is, "I Don't Have Cancer", you're not going to be president!



DETROIT — Fast-rising gas prices claimed their latest victim Thursday: Ford Motor Co., which dropped its goal of becoming profitable by 2009 and said it will cut production of trucks and sport utility vehicles through the rest of this year. It was a warning shot to the rest of the beleaguered U.S. auto industry, which is facing its worst sales in more than a decade.

Feds offer student loan help. Government will purchase some loans from student loan companies, freeing capital for more borrowing.

America's wildlife refuges are so short of money that one-third have no staff, boardwalks and buildings are in disrepair, and drug dealers are using them to grow marijuana and make methamphetamine, a group pushing for more funding says.
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