Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Dec 7, 2009

How Permanent Wall Street Bailout Regime Has Been Created

Former Reagan official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: We don't have a democracy, we have an oligarchy or a financial plutocracy.

Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Where's the Fed?

Senator Sanders Offers Medicare-for-All Amendment in Senate

Thom tells a caller to go to hell

Noam Chomsky: The Unipolar Moment and the Culture of Imperialism.

CNN, AC360 - Anderson Cooper Interviews Rep. Dennis Kucinich December 1, 2009

Teabaggers (not) in an uproar over fascist cellphone companies spying on them.

Sprint’s 50 Million Customers Have Been Geo-Tracked 8 Million Times–in the Last Year

Lawsuit Demands Answers About Social-Networking Surveillance. Government Agencies Withholding Information on Data-Gathering from Facebook, Twitter, and Other Online Communities

My grandmother got a taste of the corrupt Luzerne County courts many years ago...

Read about how my 90-year-old Russian immigrant grandmother got screwed years ago in the now proven beyond a doubt corrupt Luzerne County courts click here. Corrupt underinsured auto scamster Judge Michael Toole's father, Judge Patrick Toole, presided over her case in which the Kenzakoski Brothers Construction bought the land out from under her and bulldozed her home to the ground, or "squashed" it as one of the Kenzakoski's said in the papers at the time, and she didn't receive ONE PENNY for it. Of course, this could only happen in the courts of Luzerne County.

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