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Big Dan's Big News Dec 13, 2009

Big Dan's Big Blog exclusive interview with Tiger Woods: Mistresses were "bad idea":

BD: Tiger, speak to the recent mistress controversy you're embroiled in.
Tiger: Having mistresses was a bad idea. I went from Michael Jordan to Michael Jackson overnight.
BD: When did you realize it was a bad idea?
Tiger: When my wife found out. That's when it turned out to be a bad idea.
Big Dan: You were the perfect role model: the #1 golfer, possibly the most dominant sports star of all time, you appealed to people of all colors, what are your thoughts about being the role model that you were and what's happening now?
Tiger: I know I said that upstanding sports stars who excel should be role models for kids and they should buy the products I endorse because of that. But I changed my mind. I changed my mind around the time my wife found out about my mistresses. But that was just a coincidence. I now realize kids shouldn't be buying the stuff because I was the perfect role model, they should just be buying it. They shouldn't limit the reasons for buying to the fact that I was the perfect role model. That's ignorant.
BD: Are you taking a leave of absence from golf because of this or for other reasons?

Tiger: Well, you know I like absolute quiet on the tee when I'm about to hit the ball. In my backswing, some guy named Joe Wilson from South Carolina yelled: "YOU LAY" and I shanked the ball into the crowd. That's when I figured I better let this die down or I will continue to get razzed when I'm swinging.
BD: Your wife said that when you crashed your SUV in your driveway, she smashed the back window with a golf club to get you out.
Tiger: Well, yes, and she accidentally hit me four times in the face while she was smashing the window. And once in the balls. It was an accident, though. I actually had to go to the hospital because of the injuries my wife gave me while she was accidentally getting me out of the SUV...I mean while she was getting me out of the SUV. I believe she used a 2-iron. When she hit me in the balls by accident, I believe she switched to either a pitching wedge or a sand wedge.
BD: Did she use Tiger's woods on any of those shots?
Tiger: Oh, you're really funny! Ha ha! (sarcastic)
BD: How could you be having sex with all those mistresses and your wife and still be the top golfer? How did you do it?
Tiger: I drink Gatorade and take Viagara. In fact, we're rolling out a Viagara commercial next week during my break from golf. In the commercial, I say: "Sometimes I look down and I don't know if it's my putter or my cock!!!" True story: once I putted with my dick and didn't realize it! My caddy was yelling to me: "Tiger! Tiger! Wait a minute!" What's even funnier, is that I sank the putt!
BD: Is NIKE going to drop you?
Tiger: No. Again, now that I have more time, we also did a NIKE commercial. It shows a smashed SUV with a fire hydrant squirting water up in the air, and me running away from my wife who's chasing me with a 2-iron and a guy says: "You're going to need the superior traction of NIKE sneakers to pull away from your wife if she's chasing you with a 2-iron because she just found out you've been seeing 100 mistresses for the last decade".
BD: Thank you Tiger, we hope to see you back on the links soon.
Tiger: Did you say minx???

This is how it's done: Italian leader Berlusconi gets smashed in the face by Italians. Maybe it was a statuette? That video shows a different angle.

RNC chair Michale Steele "POZIN" with young white Republicans. I guess he's "fashizzilin' the fashizzl' nizzle" or whatever. "Look out! Young white boy! There's no black Republican senators or congressmen since 2002!", he appears to be saying in the picture below. They're "gettin' down" with the Steele:

Uproarious laughter abounds in this pose: "Who DAT??? Is that a black Republican I see up there???"

BDBB funny flashback: Bush "Seeks Out Leader Of The African Americans" On 5 Country Tour Of Africa

Jesse Ventura investigates the truth about 9/11 on his new show on truTV:

Was Building 7 A Controlled Demolition? You Be The Judge, what do your eyes tell you? - Keep in mind WTC-7 was a 47 story building NOT hit by a plane, it was blocks away from the Twin Towers but in the same WTC complex. You can clearly see squibbs of explosives going off up the side of the building as it's falling. It fell straight down into its own footpring all levels of it somehow falling at the same time, not "pancaking". It fell free fall speed with no resistance. From fire??? Come on!!! Again, look how the entire building, each floor, falls at the same time/same speed, with no resistance, like classic controlled demolition. If you think a fire did this, well, then, I don't even know what to say to you:

Other 9/11 sites:

Loose Change (movie)

9/11 Mysteries (movie)

9/11 Press For Truth (movie)

You may ask why I don't believe the government's 9/11 FAKE story but I believe in Global Warming - the answer: BOTH have more scientific evidence backing them. There is more scientific evidence disproving the FAKE official 9/11 story and more scientific evidence supporting Global Warming. It's a consistent pro-scientific view, both of my views on both of these things. Very consistent. I simply believe the point of view with more evidence. There's practically NO evidence supporting the official U.S. government 9/11 fairy tale. Hijacked planes flew around for 2 hours? They vaporized? There's no plane parts or video of a plane at the Pentagon, the most videotaped place in the world? The plane in Shanksville vaporized and there were no plane parts there either? Skyscrapers fall demolition-style when planes hit them? Two planes knocked down THREE buildings demolition-style? 47-story WTC-7 wasn't hit by a plane at all and fell in less than 6 seconds to the ground demolition-style? We better rebuild every skyscraper in every city if fire knocks them to the ground demolition-style!!! Mohammed Atta's VISA was at ground zero unscathed but the fires melted the steel girders? And not his VISA? The hijackers names and in fact no Muslim-sounding names were on the plane passenger lists? Fire has never taken down 3 buildings demolition-style before or after in history - and three on the same day one not even hit by a plane? WTF? I can't believe all that bullshit! No way!

US Youth delegates to the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations crash climate denier live webcast in Copenhagen and are called "hitler youth" by Lord Christopher Monckton at an Americans for Prosperity event. American youth attended to demand a safe and sustainable energy future that provides millions of clean energy jobs for Americans. If you'll notice, I have Americans for Prosperity identified as a corporate shill astroturf group on my links on the right of my blog, just like former GOP leader Dick Armey's anti-health care reform astroturf group Freedom Works.

AP IMPACT: Science not faked, but not pretty

These guys are telling you to stay on Big Oil and there's no such thing as Global Warming:

GOP political prisoner released.

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