Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Dec 23, 2009


Suck on THIS, Breitbart!!!

ACORN Cleared YET AGAIN of Wrongdoing...

Flashback: KOOKY rightwing pundit Andrew Breitbart says Oscar the Grouch is "biased".

See FRINGE KOOK Breitbart below, get his ass handed to him on Bill Maher by a "black man":

Missing John McCain tape found by C-SPAN.

Remember this from the other day? Al Franken objected to Joe Lieberman getting extended time to speak past his allotted time and Franken objected. John McCain then threw a hissy-fit and said he's never seen someone object to someone getting extra time to speak in his 26 years in the Senate. Of course, McCain was lying. He himself objected to a Democrat asking for more time just a few years ago. The C-SPAN tape of McCain doing this was mysteriously missing from the C-SPAN archives. Well, now it's recovered, and here it is - showing John McCain in full HYPOCRISY:

Thou SHALT shoplift: Priest tells congregation it's better than robbery or prostitution

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