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Big Dan's Big News Dec 3, 2009

Another big scar on Northeast Pennsylvania, a 3rd corrupt judge!

A 3rd corrupt judge in NEPA/Luzerne County goes down - Michael T. Toole. He's the 20th public servant to be charged in the ongoing Luzerne County FED investigation. The first two judges were the Kids for Cash judges. There were numerous others besides the three judges. Toole's father was a Luzerne County judge. Too bad the FEDS couldn't go retroactive and check out his father. I'm sure the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. These corrupt judges have undermined the entire NEPA's faith in the judicial system. I have no faith whatsoever that there can be a fair trial in Luzerne County. They've shaken the judicial system to the core. I feel sorry for everyone who's been tried here. What a shame, what a mess! Sickening! Disgusting! Low lifes! Scum! Trash!

Oh, and can than scam artist "judge" Toole for your auto insurance being higher. He caused it with this underinsured motorist scam... all these creeps used their entrusted public office to enrich themselves and screw us over! All of these arrogant bastards thought this would go on forever, that's why it kept getting worse and worse.

What's in your briefcase Judge Toole, a kickback? Is the briefcase big enough? They should go back and investigate his father, too, who was a judge.

Luzerne County Judge Michael T. Toole has agreed to plead guilty to fraud and resign from the bench for concealing that he accepted free use of a beach house from an attorney who appeared before him, federal officials announced today. Toole will also plead guilty to failing to report more than $30,000 in income from a second attorney, they said.

Toole, 49, faces up to 23 years in prison on the charges. Neither attorney has been named by federal prosecutors.

Toole will plead guilty to fraud, resign from bench

My grandmother, 90 year old Baba who came from Russia in 1913, with a basket of her home grown tomatos from her garden. She was affected many years ago by the corrupt Luzerne County judicial system.

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The son is paying for the sins of the father:

I have a story to tell you about the Toole family and my family and the Kenzakoski Brothers Construction. NEPA is a big coal mining area, and many years ago it was common for people to own their home but not the land under it because some defunct coal mine company was leasing it from another owner. Also, it was common for people to have someone shark the land out from under someone who lived in one of those homes their whole lives and sometimes several generations lived in the home. My 90 year old (at the time) Russian grandmother Baba (that's grandma in Russian) was one of them. Even though she was searching for decades for the owner of the land beneath their home, Kenzakoski Brothers Construction supposedly located the owner in Italy and bought the land out from under her home told her to - get this - move her home off their property. A home that was there since before the 1920's for sure and my widowed grandmother raised 7 children by herself, had 19 grandchildren (including me), and over 20 great-grandchildren. I remember the Kenzakoski's intimidated her by bulldozing around her house so there was a cliff right next to it, as they battled it out in court. A dangerous cliff, I'll never forget that. They began to build a strip mall around her home and her home was higher than the strip mall and looked like her house was up in the air with a moat around it. The case went to court under Judge Patrick Toole, the father of corrupt criminal underisured auto scamster Judge Michael Toole. As my father tells it, Judge Patrick Toole instructed the jury before they went out "not to feel sorry for her because she's an old lady". The case should've been thrown out for that reason, but my grandmother lost after a very strange trial in which Judge Patrick Toole issued a bunch of "yes" or "no" questions to the jury. That's how the case was decided. The Kenzakoski's waited until news crews left to bulldoze her home down. Knocking down all the fruit trees and gardens and shanty's she put her whole life into. She didn't receive a penny for it. I remember seeing the home demolished the next day. They had a huge sign on the home: "GOD SAVE OUR HOME". I still know the home and yard inside out in my mind. There were shanty's all over: one for seeds, one for making carpets, one for cooking and hanging homemade kielbasa, a kielbasa smoking pit in one part of the yard, a pavilion with a stove and tables under it, grapevines all over the place and fruit trees all over, giant gardens all over, nut trees and bushes and plants...Baba gardened day and night on the land, that's all she did. She canned her own food. Baba became ill around the time this all started, and died soon afterwards at age 92.  It's in Plains, Pa. where the Mr. Z's now resides on River Road. When finding out about corrupt Judge Toole, my father who is now almost 80 said: "You know who's doing this to them? Baba (my grandma) is doing this to them! The son is paying for the sins of the father". My father wishes me to put this on my blog. It's my pleasure, Dad!

Below: My grandmother's home before and after the Kenzakoski's bulldozed it over, or "squashed" it, as one of the Kenzakoski's said in the newspapers. He also said in the papers, "I have NO SYMPATHY for them whatsoever". I acquired the press clippings from that time, that's what he said in the papers. The home was in my family since before the 1920's. A defunct coal company leased the land the home was on, and my family could not locate the real owners to purchase the land. Somehow in the 1960's the Kenzakoski brothers construction bought the land out from under them and in the 1970's the Kenzakoski's told my grandmother to "get her house off their property". Only in Luzerne County, under Judge Patrick Toole, the father of corrupt Judge and underinsured motorist scamster Michael Toole, could a court find in favor of the Kenzakoski's and my grandmother not receive a PENNY for it! The case was cut and dry: several generations that lived in a home where there was no deed on the land should've gotten to stay or at least gotten some form of compensation...but not in Luzerne County.

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NOW...DA Jackie Musto Carroll shows interest in Kids for Cash cases, when it's too late and wrong. She wants to throw some of them back in - unbelievable!

DA Jackie Musto Carroll says she wants to retry 50 cases of Kids for Cash judge Ciavarella that were thrown out. Why is she paying attention now, when all the while as thousands of Kids for Cash were being railroaded into custody in the Kids for Cash scandal, she said she didn't know what was going on? I think it's too late now. When the thousands of kids were put away by judge Ciavarella, were you pro-actively "retrying" those cases because something didn't seem right? Also, can you be retried twice for the same case? I'm not a legal expert, but isn't that what they call "double jeopardy"? No one living in this area in their right mind can possibly think she's doing a good job, unless they're a friend or relative of hers. Between constantly "not knowing what was going on" all the time and conflicts of interest with relatives and making asinine statements in the papers all the time, I think she should resign. Did you ever hear of the phrase, "it's too late to shut the barn door, after the horse has already gotten out"? Retrying ANY cases that were thrown out in the Kids for Cash scandal would be a media circus, and may not even be legal due to being retried twice for the same crime. At best, it doesn't look good retrying any of Ciavarella's Kids for Cash.

So you don't want public health care, huh? How is your astronomical premium going up lately? How are your co-pays doing? How is your several thousand dollar deductible going? Been rejected for anything lately? Did you get nickelled and dimed to death by a recent illness even though you have insurance? Somehow, even though you were covered, you still paid $10 here for this, $25 for that, $50 for part of an X-Ray, $100 co-insurance, maybe NOTHING was covered because you didn't hit your several thousand dollar deductible yet? How is your "co-insurance" going? Then you got a bill from your doctor: $50 co-pay! Even though you have astronomical insurance premiums! Then you STILL had to go and get the medicine at the drug store! Did you pay $50 for it, even though you have insurance? Or $100? What the hell do you pay insurance for? "Co-insurance" is the one I really love! If you have a 20% "co-insurance", that means you pay 20% of EVERYTHING! That's simple! If you get a $100,000.00 heart operation, you only have to pay $20,000.00 cash if you have a 20% "co-insurance"! And you are considered COVERED BY INSURANCE!!! Do you realize that health insurance companies are "for profit" companies, so they're going to act like it and put profits over people's health? ANY company's first priority is to make profits. How do they make more profit? See what I wrote above. The ultimate profits for them would be for you to just send them money every month and you get rejected for every single thing. And it's getting there, they're almost there!!!

Drug-Makers Paying Off Competitors To Keep Cheap Generics Off Market

Nearly 55,000 members of Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania's non-group plans were notified in letters that their health care rates will go up 9.9 percent on Jan. 1.

Bernanke must go!

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