Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Dec 10, 2009

"Air Quotes" will FIX FOX "news" "errors":

The real Jesus loves gays and illegal immigrants and hates war:

Open letter from the REAL Jesus to the rightwing Christians: "Do you really think I'm on the side of those who hate the 'other'?"

An Open Letter From Jesus to 'Christian' America: 'Please come up with a new name for whatever you are. You've destroyed my reputation.'...

Republican Jesus loves war and hates gays and illegal immigrants:

The right is rewriting the Bible with their Republican Jesus: Andy Schlafly thinks Jesus was a free market Republican, not a liberal, and the Bible is too liberal. So he's rewriting it with Republican Jesus instead of the REAL Jesus. He's the son of crazy rightwingbat Phyllis Schlafly.

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American Republicans, believe it or not, are behind "kill the gays" legislation in Uganda with their Republican Jesus:

Rachel Maddow today is receiving well-deserved praise for a devastating interview she conducted last night with Richard Cohen, an "ex-homosexual" therapist who is head of the "International Healing Foundation," which purportedly helps gay people become straight. Cohen's rancid slander against gay people (they're a threat to children, etc.), masquerading as "research," is being used by advocates of a proposed law in Uganda that would allow the state to execute homosexuals. The 17-minute interview is worth watching if you want to see how an extremely smart and well-prepared interrogator can absolutely destroy a guest who is brazenly spouting baseless claims and patent falsehoods (the video is also posted below).

Why don't the powerful get grilled like this?

Dear Barack, Spare Me Your E-Mails

The Know Nothing Party will oppose new health care reform compromise...SURPRISE!!!

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