Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Dec 15, 2009

FOX "news" speaks for the rich and corporations and channels Ronald Reagan: cutting the minimum wage will help workers. Everyone forgot that the Reagan administration started taxing unemployment, too. $100 million dollar CEO bonuses are "OK", but some schmuck making $7.25 is too much! Also, not having health insurance is good for you. In other news, Republicans and FOX "news" want the MINIMUM WAGE to be the MAXIMUM WAGE...

Ronald Reagan's War on Labor

Joe Lieberman is singlehandedly stopping any kind of health care reform! Whose side is he on?

135,000 uninsured Americans will die before health reform takes effect, analysis finds

Joe Lieberman must be recalled out of office by the good people of Connecticut he's screwing. He no longer represents them. Lieberman is the poster boy of stopping health care for all Americans!

As Jon Stewart always says: Hey! Don't they know we have video???

VIDEO BELOW: Watch Lieberman Endorse Medicare Buy-In Three Months Ago

Al Franken kicks Senator Thune's ass for lying about health care. Franken is new and isn't corrupted yet and keeps telling the truth about everything. Franken: "I stand here day after day after day and hear my colleagues, my good friends from the other side, say things that are not based on fact...You're not entitled to your own facts!":

Corporations and First Amendment Rights from Elyn Heyn on Vimeo.

Beck, Breitbart ignore long-term trend to claim Arctic sea ice is increasing

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Show on 9/11 - Original Broadcast on HAARP Biggest Audience on TRUtv

Official Lies about 911 Exposed

Millions and Millions of views of this movie on YouTube: "9/11 Coincidences"

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