Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Dec 4, 2009

Shocker! (yeah, right...) Exxon-Mobil financing Global Warming Skepticism (I know you're shocked by this...)

Group promoting climate skepticism has extensive ties to Exxon-Mobil

Flashback: Exxon Chairman (Fat Bastard) Got Retirement Package Worth at Least $398 Million

Stick Your Damn Hand In It: 20th Birthday of the Exxon Valdez Lie

They're Baaack; It is Politically Inconvenient to Acknowledge . . .

You need a live news ticker to keep up with it! The ongoing NEPA/Luzerne County federal corruption probe snags #21. We're issuing a license plate: "YOU'VE GOT A CORRUPT FRIEND OR RELATIVE IN LUZERNE COUNTY". Another Luzerne County slogan that's being floated is: "WE'RE NOT JUST #1 IN MOB GANSTERS PER CAPITA ANYMORE - WE'RE #1 IN TOTAL ALL-AROUND CORRUPTION IN ABSOLUTE NUMBERS". That one's kind of "wordy", though.

NEPA corruption probe - #21 snagged, check out my post from yesterday about my grandmother's experience in the corrupt Luzerne County courts in the 1980's, with the father of corrupt underinsured automobile insurance scamster Judge Michael Toole's father, Patrick Toole, who is still a judge:

Jeffrey Piazza will plead guilty to accepting kickbacks

YOU...didn't go to see my's come?

Freedom Works and FOX "news" even balk at buying up all the tickets and giving them out for free to fake that it sold they do with rightwing books. That's bad!!!!!!!!! And Rupert Murdoch thinks people are going to start paying for his "news"...think again, Rupert!!!

Another shocker: Glenn Beck's movie lays a BIG, FAT FART!!!

BDBB rightwing BIG, FAT FART FLASHBACK: Michelle Malkin Lays A Big Fat Fart...Again!

Big Dan Special Commentary on Tea Party's: "I hear all the time, people say 'I didn't receive a check to go to the Tea Party, it's not astroturf'. That might be true, but the Tea Party's are beyond a doubt a Republican thing. I'd like to see someone at a Tea Party say: 'Raise your hand if you are a Republican, conservative, or on the right'. You'd see all the hands go up. Then I'd like to see that person say: 'Now raise your hand if you're a liberal, Democrat, or on the left'. You would see no hands raised. So, don't imply that Tea Party's are a bi-partisan thing. They are beyond a doubt a Republican thing. They didn't say a word during the 8 years of the Bush/Cheney administration. And when there is financing, such as organizing, emails, buses, etc...the financing 100% comes from Republican operatives and astroturf organizations such as Freedom Works which is run by former Republican leader Dick Armey. How many Democrats, liberals, or people on the left are involved in financing or organizing Tea Party's? ZERO! So, please stop falsely implying that the Tea Party's are bi-partisan. The Tea Party's are fine. It's fine for Republicans to have Tea Party's. They have a right to do that. But don't say it's 'grassroots bi-partisan people fed up with bad government', because it's Republicans who don't want a Democratic president. Period. And I wish they would truly join those of us who really don't want bad government from any politicians from any party. Teabaggers: come out and join the protests against the war and for health care for all, it's in your own interests and this country's interests. Right now, you won't see that at a Tea Party, because it's strictly a Republican thing. If you went to a Tea Party and yelled out 'health care for all' or 'stop the wars' or 'stop the School of the Americas' (see the film below), well, just try it and see what happens. Because right now, Tea Party's are a Republican thing and a FOX 'news' thing. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are speaking at the next one. Do you call that 'bi-partisan' or 'Republican'? Obama is escalating the Afghanistan war. Will the teabaggers cheer Obama because the Republicans also want to escalate the wars? If you're not a Republican, conservative, or on the right, just go to one and find out for yourself. I did."

Mini-documentary/informative music video about the School of the Americas (WHINSEC) and Father Roy Bourgeois' School of the Americas Watch .

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