Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 7, 2009

Where is the "liberal media" coverage of anti-War protests going on RIGHT NOW and over the LAST EIGHT YEARS???

(there's a BLACKOUT because the Democrats, Republicans and OWNERS of the "liberal media" are all PROFITING from the wars!!!!!!!!!)

NOTE: The NEW tactic by the FAKE "liberal media" enablers, is to interview ONE person who says "I'm not being paid by anyone to be here", and this is expected to somehow give legitimacy to the Town Hall protesters. So, they're interviewing the DUPES OF THE ASTROTURFERS, instead of the astroturfers. Bending over backwards to legitimize the Town Hall protests.

The protesters are are made of up TWO factions:

1. The FAKE astroturfers

The astroturfers' "useful idiots" can be whipped up into a frenzy by them any time for any reason: Obama isn't a citizen, health care reform will kill old people, etc... When the FAKE "liberal media" interviews a protester who says they're not being paid by anyone, why don't they ask them if they think Obama is a citizen and if health care reform will kill old people??? This would prove that these protesters are the astroturfers' "useful idiots".

So, once again, the FAKE "liberal media" first covered the Town Hall protests giving the impression that it's "grassroots". But then when it's been determined that it's astroturfing, the FAKE "liberal media" goes out of their way to try and prove that it's not, by interviewing people who aren't being paid...BUT doesn't follow up to see if these people also don't believe Obama is a citizen and health care reform kills old people!

The FAKE "liberal media": doing their job they're supposed to do: promoting the interests of corporations and the wealthy. The rightwing media is doing their job calling the mainstream media "liberal", so you think it's liberal. They're all doing their job they're supposed to do! And YOU LOSE!!!!!

On CNN, Media Matters' Boehlert Discusses Coordination Behind Town Hall Disruptions, Rick Scott.

Video 1 - Media Matter's Boehlert explains about CEO funding the Town Hall disruptions
Video 2 - Health Care CEO gets smacked down (astroturfer being interviewed: the exception rather than the rule; see what happens when the "behind the scenes" astroturfers are actually snagged in an interview???)

Health care protesters don't know what they're protesting! They're just DUPES for MILLIONAIRES & BILLIONAIRES!!! They're protesting health care reform and they don't know exactly why!

Video 1 - 16 year old Wasilla protester with Obama/Hitler t-shirt doesn't know what he's protesting
Video 2 - Rush Limbaugh fan doesn't know what he's protesting

Right-Wing Turncoat Gives the Inside Scoop on Why Conservatives Are Rampaging Town Halls

Update: Pelosi protesters doll up children in Nazi imagery

Pelosi Is Not ‘Deranged’ — Swastikas And Comparisons To Hitler Are On Display At Town Hall are some pictures!

Woman Who Said She Was ‘Just A Mom’ At Town Hall Meeting Is Exposed As A Republican Operative

Health Care Protester Exposed As Operative For Congressman's Opponent

The Health Insurers Have Already Won. How UnitedHealth and rival carriers, maneuvering behind the scenes in Washington, shaped health-care reform for their own benefit

Below: Maddow Exposes Oil Industry Backing Of Astroturf Lobbying Firm "Americans For Prosperity" - Tim Phillips: just your "average millionaire health care opponent"!!!

During the course of the interview, Phillips both appealed to corporations for more cash while repeatedly denying claims of being a lobbyist or serving any special interest. Maddow also exposed the mysterious 9-year gap in Phillips’ official biography. As a partner in Ralph Reed’s lobbying firm Century Strategies, Phillips executed mass mailings and Christian outreach for corporate clients. Phillips was paid $380,000 by Enron to mobilize “religious leaders and pro-family groups” to push energy deregulation in Congress and on the state level. The Washington Post reported that the pair informed Enron that they had leveraged their relationships with members of Congress and “placed” articles in prominent papers like the New York Times.

Corporate shill Ben Stein fired by NYTimes for being…a corporate shill!

RepUnions To Take On Conservative Groups Health Care Town Halls

The MYTH of the "liberal media": all American citizens have to overcome what they've been brainwashed to think: that the media is "liberal". REAL liberals have to realize this, and REAL conservatives have to realize this. Because EVERYONE is being taken for a ride by this SHAM! If you believe the media is "liberal", you're being tricked if you're a REAL liberal OR a REAL conservative!

How is it hurting REAL liberals? Because you think they're speaking for YOU, but they're speaking for CORPORATIONS! Then, you don't get off your ASS!

How is it hurting REAL conservatives? Because you are being warped into thinking you know what "liberal" is, and they are speaking for CORPORATIONS' INTERESTS! The bigger thing, is REAL CONSERVATIVES believing the mainstream media is "liberal". You are against the "liberal media", but it's not for the reasons you think! It's because they are NOT SPEAKING FOR YOU, EITHER! They're speaking for corporations' interests! Who runs the "liberal media"? CORPORATIONS!!! YOU ARE ALL BEING TRICKED!!!


Everyone, if you think you're LEFT or RIGHT, watch this:

Millionaire and Billionaire astroturf "grassroots" organizers are laughing! They're getting rightwing idiots to turn to violence against their own interests!

In a stunning display of anger, Florida Republicans and fans of Fox editorialist Glenn Beck turned a Tampa healthcare forum into a “near riot,” one reporter said, as they attempted to enter the meeting hall and drown out a group of community organizers and a member of congress. There were at least two reports of violence at the forum.

Reports: Glenn Beck fans turn health forum into ‘near riot’

Inspired By Glenn Beck, Protesters Overwhelm Town Hall Meeting With ‘Cat Calls’ And ‘Banging On Windows’

The poster child of "Obama isn't a citizen",Orly Taitz, has her FAKE Obama Kenya birth certificate thrown out by a judge. She's in Israel now. Why? And why isn't the "liberal media" covering this? Orly Taitz got her law degree from an online school that isn't accredited by the American Bar Association...oh, and she's a dentist! Why didn't the "liberal media" tell us that? Yet, they paraded her on TV as a "reputable expert" on Obama not being a citizen. And when her case falls apart, the "liberal media" stops covering it!!! So you don't know her case fell apart!!! The "liberal media" is now onto giving the astroturf health care protesters legitimacy, just like they gave Orly Taitz legitimacy!!!

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