Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 10, 2009

U.S. banks to make $38 B-B-Billion from overdraft fees: reportWhat about LATE FEES? What about that they SORT your transactions for the maximum overlimit fees, instead of paying all the small ones and giving you ONE overlimit only on the biggest one! Example: you have five $1 transactions, and ONE $100 transaction, and $100 in your account. They'll pay the ONE $100 transaction, and bounce the FIVE $1 transactions so they get FIVE $39 penalties instead of ONE $39 penalty!!! Once I called them, and they said: "Oh, that's just random." BULLSHIT! IT'S ALWAYS RANDOM IN THEIR FAVOR!!! Politicians don't know about this CRAP, because they're all RICH and never near the limit!!!

Banks let you go over the limit, then charge you $39 for going over the limit! But just that one! Just that ONE where they get the $39!!!

The truth about the U.S. unemployment figures by Max Keiser. In my opinion, Max Keiser is one of the few economists always telling the truth about everything (trusted):

This ain't good! If the drug companies like Obama's plan...

NYTimes: Drug Industry to Run Ads Favoring White House Plan

White House starts Reality Check about health care website.

A federal tax fraud ring stretching from Chicago to Israel sought to bring in more than $35 million in tax refunds using the identities of thousands of federal prisoners, authorities here announced today.

Chiquita and Dole in Honduras: Military Coup Engineered By Two US Companies?

Father Roy Bourgeois' School of the Americas Watch - SOA Watch

Did you notice something in these police violence videos I'm always posting? They always taze/rough up blacks and kids! Did you notice that? Also, did you notice? They're starting to taze blacks who are: blind, deaf, have alzheimers, mental problems, etc...does anyone else notice this stuff but me??? I better start taking whatever pills YOU'RE taking! To fit in better! Or maybe I took "the RED pill", as they say... Tasers have killed over 300 people, the last time I checked. Isn't that a lot? Isn't ONE enough to ban them? Obviously, they weren't tested properly because they shouldn't kill anyone. Apparently, no one cares. But I'll just keep posting these things. I care. Tasers should be banned. Just like electronic voting machines. It's MURDER, if someone dies from being tazed by a cop. Remember when electronic voting machines just sprung up all over the place? Well, now it's tasers.

Cops taze pregnant woman and grandfather in their backyard at a baptism, the first video in my ever-growing TAZER MONTAGE:

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Cop bodyslams 84 year old black lady with alzheimers to the ground in Wal-Mart parking lot, cracking her head (bleeding). She was hobbling around the parking lot disoriented with a knife she still had in her hand from when she was in her daughter's car, who was in the store:

Fabled Enemies

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