Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 28, 2009

Who's putting serial health care misinformers like Betsy McCaughey on the "fake liberal" TV news shows? She just resigned as a paid director of Cantel Medical Supplies company, right after Jon Stewart exposed what a LIAR SHILL she is!!! Betsy McCaughey "...the day after sparring with Jon Stewart — is 'resigning to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest during the national debate over healthcare reform.'" Avoiding any appearance of a conflict of interest??? It wasn't an appearance of a conflict of interest, it WAS a conflict of interest, on purpose by a medical company!!! How many times do they think we will believe that these people "just happen to" work for medical companies!!! Exposed by Jon Stewart, the ONLY person who didn't give her an unchallenged forum for her infomercial!!! But the BIGGER question is: WHO'S PUTTING THESE PEOPLE ON TV???

Does she need public dental care? The VERY RICH and RICHLY PAID by medical companies, Betsy "TV Shill" McCaughey, who doesn't need health care, but is doing her best to stop health care reform. Is it time to "eat the rich" yet? Think about this: she's on TV all the time, but they never told us she's a director of a medial supplies company AND THEN the same TV that parades her around doesn't tell us she was forced to resign because of the Jon Stewart interview!!! It's always been rich vs. poor.

Serial health care misinformer Betsy McCaughey continues to be paraded on the "liberal media", you know, the "liberal media" that's owned by 5 corporations that aren't liberal. How long are you going to fall for the sham "liberal media"? The "liberal media" speaks for the wealthy few, corporations, the military industrial complex, and politicians from both parties that speak for them. Check out the Betsy McCaughey health care serial media misinformer page. The video below, shows you what happens when corporate-paid shill liars get questioned by legit people, and aren't simply allowed a forum to spout lies unchallenged by anyone like a megaphone for the corporations that are paying them. That's why they want us to think the corporate TV media is liberal, so we don't ask questions like: "WHO IS BETSY MCCAUGHEY???" The real question is, "Who is putting these people on TV???" THEY are the real villains; the shills in front of the camera are a dime-a-dozen, the TV OWNERS will simply replace her now that she's been exposed:

When we Europeans – the British included – contemplate the battles President Obama must fight to reform the US health system, our first response tends to be disbelief.......

Teabaggers wouldn't DARE protest anything Obama's doing that's unconstitutional, if it's a continuation of something the Bush administration started - like domestic spying or torture or intrusion of privacy into your laptops...

‘Tenther’ Activists Add The Federal Highway System To List Of Programs To Kill

"The Corporation" movie below: once you start it, you can mouse over it to toggle through the 23 short separate sections with the giant left/right arrows on the side. You can enlarge it and watch it full screen.

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