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Big Dan's Big News Aug 14, 2009

Jeff Foxworthy: "You might be a redneck, if...."

Scratch that!

  • You might be a tea bagger,'re a white guy...and you tear up a black woman's Rosa Parks sign at a health care Town Hall meeting!!!

  • You might be a tea bagger, don't know who Rosa Parks is!!!

  • You might be a tea bagger, if...a white guy tears up a black woman's Rosa Parks sign at a Town Hall meeting...and you cheer!!!

  • You might be a tea bagger,'re a white guy and you rip up a black woman's Rosa Parks sign at a Town Hall meeting...and think no one's recording it!!!

  • You might be a tea bagger, go to a Town Hall meeting about health care debate...and all you do is shout down the debate!!!

  • You might be the FAKE "liberal media", pick up the news clip only from the part where the black woman is thrown out of the Town Hall meeting and don't rush her onto TV like the rightwinger with the gun!!!

Racism isn't present in the Town Hall protests? White man walks across isle to black woman's Rosa Parks sign, takes it on her, crumbles it up and throws it...the predominantely white crowd (of tea baggers? of grassroots citizens? do you think there's anti-Obama racists there?) cheers as the black woman gets thrown out of Town Hall meeting for trying to get her sign back!

Most of the town hall participants and angry protesters in recent weeks have been white, so the image was a bit unusual. But a new video released on YouTube puts yesterday's news clip in context. The black woman, identified later as Maxine Johnson, had just been attacked by a white man, who walked up from his seat in the bleachers and yanked away a sign the black woman was holding that depicted civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

As the black woman was showing the sign to a news photographer who asked to see it, the white man, identified by the local press as 67-year-old James Winfrey, walked over and grabbed the black woman's sign and stole it from her. The mostly white audience cheered when the man returned to his seat and ripped up the sign. (Editor's Note: From the video, the white person appears to be a woman but the commentary from the YouTube poster and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch story indicate the white person was a man.)

If you don't know who Rosa Parks is, you're probably a tea bagger and I'm guessing the guy who ripped up the sign didn't know who Rosa Parks is. That brings up another good point: are there any black tea baggers?

Why aren't the "grassroots citizens" condemning this act by their fellow "grassroots citizen" ripping up the Rosa Parks sign?

Why isn't Freedom Works condemning this act?

Angry white man snatches 'Rosa Parks' sign from black woman at town hall meeting

Watch: At forum, white man destroys black woman's Rosa Parks sign, woman is escorted out

"Grassroots citizens" or racist rightwing mobs? Also, Glen Beck's hate speech is brought to you by these advertisers, and several media matter's "daily two minutes of HATE" from the daily rightwing radio shows...

So, you don't want national health care, huh? How's your premium doing? How's your $5000 deductible? How's your $100 copay? How's your 20% co-insurance? How's that 20% across the board you have to pay of the grand total everytime you use your health care plan? That's called "co-insurance"! The BALLS of these companies to astronomically raise rates during the health care debate! And then astroturf against national health care!!! And how about the NUTS the size of WATERMELONS on these tea baggers shouting they don't want health care reform and ripping up peoples' signs!!!

NEPA: Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania is seeking more than $24 million in health-insurance premium increases that would affect 54,700 people.

In Michigan, Blue Cross raising individual, group rates 22 %, sought 56 % rate hike, but regulators refused

Look out! Here's comes the Big Oil astroturfers!!!

Leaked memo: Big Oil manufacturing ‘Energy Citizen’ rallies to oppose clean energy reform.

Glenn Beck I vs. Glenn Beck II on health care:

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Why are sponsors pulling out of the Glenn Beck show??? He didn't call President Obama a racist, and he didn't compare his health care plan to Hitler's eugenics program!!! Glenn Beck I vs. Glenn Beck II vs. Glenn Beck III

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Obama on Drugs: 98% Cheney?

A very dangerous thing occurred last Thursday and Friday. The Federal Reserve monetized roughly 40% of the nation's enormous debt. This means that the Fed printed money to flow into the economy in order to cover over 40% of the debt burden the U.S. now carries.

Hyperinflation Nation

Woman sets self on fire in mall, walks around on fire.

Watch: Mom tased during routine traffic stop; cop abandons her kids

12 Most Extremely Modified People

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