Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 1, 2009

Rep. Anthony Weiner introduces an amendment to force Republicans to vote on getting rid of Medicare and Veterans health care!!! Since Republicans and RepubliDOGS (blue dog "democrats" who are really Republicans) are always demonizing government health care, they should VOTE on how they feel about TWO EXISTING government health care programs: MEDICARE & VETERANS HEALTH CARE!!!

NRCC is luring doctors to oppose reform by pretending to ‘honor’ them.

Giuliani Hopes For No Health Care Reform, Says Those Making ‘$250k Or More’ Are ‘Struggling’

The giants of the health care industry fighting legitimate reform will soon discover whether all the money they've spent on lobbying has worked yet again and which of the politicians they have showered with campaign contributions will toe the line and stay bought, thwarting the desires of the majority of the American people.

Pay to Play Is Washington's Sport of Kings

I wonder...did they doubt if Obama was a citizen before he was president? Or just after he was president? And if he lost to McCain/Palin, he would still be an American citizen...I guess...only if he was president, was Obama NOT born in the U.S. This shows you how STUPID rightwingers are! They listen to whatever Rush Limbaugh tells them, even with no supporting evidence!

58 percent of GOP not sure/doubt Obama born in US

Glenn Greenwald: EVIDENCE of corporate executives controlling the news

Ryland: A Sibel Edmonds 'Bombshell' - Bin Laden Worked for U.S. Until 9/11

Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US till 9/11

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak

Whistleblower: Bin Laden was US proxy until 9/11

Below: Dennis Hastert's involvement in the Sibel Edmonds case:

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HBO movie - "Hacking Democracy" (electronic voting machines)

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Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

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