Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 27, 2009

Veteran Senator Edward Kennedy (1932 - 2009): Remebered on Democracy Now 8/26/09

Rush Limbaugh eulogizes Ted Kennedy, by congratulating himself on predicting the name of the health care bill would invoke Ted Kennedy's name...if Ted died:

McCarthy: We do NOT have Best Health Care Man Challenges Microphone Turned Off! Was this on TV? Of course not! They only show the anti-health care protesters on the "liberal media"! The daily proof that the media isn't liberal: it's owned by 5 corporations that aren't liberal. In the last video, REAL Americans fight back at a Town Hall meeting confrontation which I'm sure didn't make the corporate-owned "liberal media": Randall Terry is escorted out of a Town Hall meeting for disrputing it.

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