Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 12, 2009

Rachel Exposes the Health Care Lies of Lobbyist Firm 60plus

Corporations support rightwing hate radio, but not progressive talk radio.

The moment that Fox chose to abandon the event was just after the audience started asking questions. What became immediately obvious was that Fox had no interest in continuing coverage because they concluded that the event was not confrontational enough.

Taibbi: Newt Gingrich Changes What’s Left of his Mind on End-of-life Care

Hi! We're the EXISTING "death panel"! We've been around for YEARS! We've been cutting off cancer patients' chemo treatments, and expensive things like that, that cut into our profits. They're going to die anyway! Shhhhhh.......MOO HOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Sorry, Sarah Palin -- rationing of care? Private companies are already doing it, with sometimes fatal results

The "death panels" are already here, in our current health care system.

Special commentary by Big Dan: "Conservatives (and I use the term loosely) don't want a public option choice to exist. Why? Because too many people would choose it. They say that private health insurance companies couldn't compete with it. They really mean, too many people would choose it. Now, why wouldn't private plans be able to 'compete' with a public plan? Because private plans would charge more for less service - DUH! Now, why would people choose a bad plan? They wouldn't choose a bad plan, they would choose a better plan! Conservatives don't want a better plan for you to be able to choose. And by conservatives, I mean the health care industry. Who is really stopping choice? Who doesn't want YOU to have the availablity to choose a public option? They obviously fear the availability of you to be able to choose a public option, because that is what you'd choose. So they have to nip it in the bud, and get rid of that choice for you. They need to get rid of the choice which would put them out of business. Their existence depends on squashing this choice, so there is no spending limit on their propaganda."

Bankruptcy Judges, Justice Dept. Rip Mortgage Companies

“Do Wall Street people expect to be paid large bonuses in years when their company lost $27 billion?”

April 15 flashback: Ron Paul spokeman says Tea Party's were hijacked by the Republicans

Man Shows Up With Gun at Obama's Town Hall Event. Double-standards to think about: they didn't let people with the wrong T-SHIRTS on, at a Bush rally! What if a Muslim showed up with a legal, registered gun at a Bush rally? 2nd amendment rights? He'd be in Gitmo! What if 100 guys with registered guns showed up to see the president? This man had the right to the gun, no one's disputing that...did he need to bring the gun?

Americans working much harder – for less pay. Productivity surged, labor costs dropped sharply in the second quarter

Computer Scientists Take Over Electronic Voting Machine with New Programming Technique

The NEPA continuing Federal Corruption probe page - ALL THE STORIES!!!

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