Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 21, 2009

Astroturfing against climate change legislation by Big Oil: LEAKED MEMO EXPOSED!!! Ordinary citizens barred from Houston anti-climate change protest, only bused in "grassroots" oil company employees were allowed at the protest!

February Flashback: Comcast acknowledges that it hired people to take up room at an F.C.C. hearing into its practices.

Idaho GOP leader, Wells Fargo contractor, pulls .357 Magnum on delinquent homeowner

...back to the OTHER astroturfing against health care reform...

Olbermann compares health care industry to casinos with former health care CEO:

The Ed Show - Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) - Single Payer, 676

Progressive talk radio: a lot more enlightening than Rush Limbaugh! Conservative Caller - Why Should I Pay For Someones' Health?

If Canadians are coming here for operations, either:

1. The Canadian system is so great, it pays for Canadian's to come here for operations.
2. These Canadians are extremely rich, and pay $150,000.00 cash for an operation here.
3. This is more untrue folklore.

Take your pick of the ONLY above three possibilities!!!

Why the Right's Propaganda Works

Jon Stewart: Show me, Betsy, where the bill says what you say it says...just read it to me...

Media Matters health care reform coverage page.

Health care in Israel is both universal and compulsory, and is administered by a small number of organizations with funding from the government. All Israeli citizens are entitled to the same Uniform Benefits Package, regardless of which organization they are a member of, and treatment under this package is funded for all citizens regardless of their financial means.

The extent to which 21st Century American culture is imbued by anti-Arab racism

The movie: "Reel Bad Arabs":

Washington’s punditocracy is in mourning over the death of right-wing columnist Robert Novak, with many warm remembrances about his outsized personality and his supposed love of reporting. But Novak often served as a dishonest propagandist and would have been condemned in a healthy journalistic world.

Robert Novak Was a Liar

Flashback: September 2004, Daily Show, Jon Stewart awards Robert Novak the award: "Douchebag of Liberty":
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Lithuanian president, groomed in the U.S., allowed CIA black site.

MORE Banking Fraud (Foreclosure Stats)

Faced with a growing wave of bank failures, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is taking extraordinary steps to attract buyers for troubled institutions to keep the fund that makes depositors whole from being drained.

Mexico Legalizes Drug Possession

New Michael Moore movie:

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