Monday, August 3, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 3, 2009


Obama is a CYLON!!!!!!!!!!


Why do they hate Americans? We're spending $2.9 BILLION A WEEK in Iraq & Afghanistan, and they're worried about "cash for clunkers"!!!

They are against EVERYTHING Americans need! 100% of the time! These MULTI-MILLIONAIRE MEDIA MISINFORMERS speak for corporations, the military industrial complex, the richest few families, and Republican Jesus!!! They are FAKE conservatives. They are FOR millionaires and billionaires like themselves getting breaks, but the second some poor schmuck gets a thousand dollars off of a car, they put into action their rightwing misinformation network against it! They have a job to do against the American people, and you better be aware of it for your good! Just recently, Michelle Malkin was against extending unemployment, Ann Coulter said more blacks should be pulled over, William Kristol is for attacking Iran, Glen Beck said that the government is taking over your computer if you use the "cash for clunkers", ....I can go on and on and on. Do these people speak for YOU? Then WHOM do they speak for? In my opinion, these people should be thrown in jail! And I'm not kidding!

The "KOOK" party, the Republicans, have the Birthers (those who say Obama isn't an American citizen) and now the Deathers:

Rightwing WorldNetDaily cracked the case! Obama was born in Keyna! It looks like Joe Biden is president! Be careful what you wish for!

Rove, Freeper founder, liberal blogs agree: New Obama birth certificate fake

...and the FAKE "liberal media" willingly plays along.........

Wingnuts Receive Marching Orders On How to Disrupt Upcoming Town Halls With Phony Outrage. Corporate media stands ready to help as usual...

The lobbyist-run groups Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks, which orchestrated the anti-Obama tea parties earlier this year, are now pursuing an aggressive strategy to create an image of mass public opposition to health care and clean energy reform. A leaked memo from Bob MacGuffie, a volunteer with the FreedomWorks website Tea Party Patriots, details how members should be infiltrating town halls and harassing Democratic members of Congress:

Leaked memo of strategy of FAKE grassroots movement

DC-based lobbying firm was caught forging letters to Rep. Tom Periello (D-VA) in opposition to the Waxman-Markey clean energy bill.

What is "ASTROTURFING"?????????

NYTimes: Frank Rich slams “birther enabler” Dobbs for playing on "escalating white fear"

Video 1 - Bill Maher political monologue
Video 2 - Bill Maher New Rules
Video 3 - Bill Maher on rightwing books
Video 4 - Flashback, Michelle Malkin implies John Kerry intentionally shot himself in Vietnam to get his purple heart
Video 5 - Lou Dobbs, birther enabler

Note: Michelle Malkin is a rightwing propagandist. She doesn't believe in global warming, she doesn't want to extend unemployment benefits (like REAGAN, REAGAN started the tax on unemployment), she was against SCHIP health care for children - basically, she's a FEMALE RUSH LIMBAUGH! These MULTI-MILLIONAIRE MEDIA MISINFORMERS should be thrown in jail!

Malkin: Extending unemployment benefits creates joblessness

Bob Chapman on gold, silver, a bank holiday and the monetary elite

Call Me Contrarian

NYTimes: The number of suicides reported by the Army has risen to the highest level since record-keeping began three decades ago.

America makes nothing except weapons -- UPDATED

Is America building a purely military economy?

Nine NATO troops killed in Afghanistan over weekend

Learn how to detect propaganda stories planted in the media to keep us in endless war:

Iran is ready to build an N-bomb - it is just waiting for the Ayatollah's order

Remember, all we produce is BOMBS & WEAPONS - we NEED endless war! The military industrial complex WON! The United States is going to HELL because all we do is produce military weapons for war profiteers! They won! That's all the United States is about! No reasonable health care for all, 6-figure college student loans...but TRILLIONS FOR MAKING WEAPONS! You better hope to GOD, that if you live in America, you work for a company that makes military weapons! And you better also hope we have endless war! The minority of you that are connected to the military industrial complex.

How to Brainwash a Nation - the father of American propaganda Edward Bernays

Check out the work of the "Turkish Three Stooges Demolition Team":

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