Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 15, 2009

Political cartoons from the US healthcare debate

Video 1 - Senator Sanders replies to "Real Man" about health care reform fears.
Video 2 - All other modern countries worldwide have government run health care, how does ours compare?

A patient in Illinois was charged $12,712 for cataract surgery. Medicare pays $675 for the same procedure. In California, a patient was charged $20,120 for a knee operation that Medicare pays $584 for. And a New Jersey patient was charged $72,000 for a spinal fusion procedure that Medicare covers for $1,629.

NYTimes: Survey Finds High Fees Common in Medical Care

Health Care Reform Sell-Out: Why Obama and the Democrats are Either Shysters or Idiots

CNN: Whistle-blower: Health care industry engaging in PR tactics

47 percent of South Florida homeowners underwater on mortgages

ABC: Newly released emails from the Bush administration indicate that senior White House aides may have been directly involved in the firing of a U.S. attorney for apparently political reasons.

How the justice system has been manipulated to put astonishing numbers of vets with PTSD and other psychiatric injuries behind bars.

The daily "not in the 'liberal media'":

Rep. Jean Schmidt drops four claims in Ohio election case, following deposition by formerly-gagged Turkish-American translator Sibel Edmonds, adds another

Don't TAZE me, Bro! The daily story of police abusing citizens with tasers! This time, a cop tazes a mother who had her kids with her, when he pulled her over for a common traffic citation. Then the kids were left alone in her vehicle for almost an hour!

Once upon a time in America, war profiteers were thrown in jail for treason. War profiteering: torture program for sale!

A photo essay on activism, the protesters TV isn't covering:

Here's video and pictures of an anti-war protest I went to in 2007.

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