Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 24, 2009

Idaho tea party activist/GOP leader arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

...pulled a handgun on a resident whose home he told police he was photographing as part of a foreclosure investigation.....probably not in the "news"......or do they call it the "liberal media"??? If the mainstream media is "liberal", what's all this stuff I'm posting all the time? It doesn't look like what we're told is the "liberal media". Peculiar, huh? Our weakness is our strength.

More news that's not in the news...corrupt elections officials never make the news, they wouldn't want everyone to question America's "elections"...Former Democratic NM Secretary of State Indicted on 50 Counts

Meet Energy Citizens - the latest corporate shill astroturf group brought to you by the same astroturfer "coalition" as the anti-health care "citizens/protesters"! A leaked memo reveals the American Petroleum Institute is asking oil companies to recruit employees, retirees and contractors to take part in rallies against climate change legislation. Everything is fine in Freedonia!!! (videos: Ring of Fire on Energy Citizens, this week in cartoons, Democracy NOW! coverage of leaked Energy Citizens memo)

Govt-Funded Reporter Urged Lynching of Black Congresswoman

(WIRED) Lawyer: FBI Paid Right-Wing Blogger Charged With Threats (Hal Turner)

Hal Turner: brought to you by the FBI:

Using kids for political purposes, these kids don't even know who Obama is, just throw a shirt on them and parade them around!

If a bombing occurs in Sweden, you'll know why...

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