Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Aug 17, 2009


BREAKING........Being in debt is about to get a lot more expensive for millions of Americans. Credit card issuers have been rushing to raise rates in advance of this Thursday, when the first provisions of the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD) will go into effect, with other protections starting in February 2010.

Note, this just happened to me, I've been writing about it in my comments for over a month: Capital One just doubled my rate for absolutely no reason! I paid on time for years! I called them, and asked them to put my rate back down, and they said "NO"! I said, "Put my rate back to what it was, and I will continue paying you on time as I have for years, more than the minimum as I have for years, and I won't even use the card anymore", they said "NO!" I stopped paying them, so should YOU! They can go to HELL! Time to fight back! They're doubling their rate on balances you already have! Things you already bought! Maybe you paid off a medical bill with your credit card, maybe you had a huge car repair...but even if you bought a big screen TV, is it a bargain anymore, if they doubled your rate AFTER you bought it? Balances are transactions you made when the rate was lower! It's called GOUGING THE CONSUMERS! They're doing it to left, right, liberals, rightwingers, tea baggers, ALL OF US!!! Come on, tea baggers! Turn against the credit card corporations that are doubling your credit card rates! Or will we see "Tea Party Patriots for Higher Credit Card rates" grassroots group, sponsored by Dick Armey & Freedom Works? Let's see if the "LIBERAL MEDIA" covers this story, it should be the #1 story in the "LIBERAL MEDIA", exposing this credit card company SHAM!!! Right now, congress should put a retroactive FREEZE on credit card rates...we bailed out these credit card companies with our tax money! PART OF THIS BILL SHOULD BE TO GO BACK AND INVESTIGATE ALL CREDIT CARD COMPANIES (IE: MOBSTERS) THAT ARE JACKING UP THEIR RATES BEFORE THIS CREDIT CARD CONSUMERS' RIGHTS BILL IS PASSED, AND THROW THESE FUCKERS IN JAIL!!!!!!!!



Today, Monday, the beginning of the weekly news cycle, we are being inundated by the corporate media, on behalf of their buddies the health care industry, that "Obama appears ready to drop the public option". Obama DID NOT SAY HE IS DROPPING THE PUBLIC OPTION! In fact, Gibbs, his spokesman, said "OBAMA STILL BACKS THE PUBLIC OPTION"!!!

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