Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 14, 2009

It's becoming more and more clear, as if you didn't know already, the wars were based on LIES! And those who would expose it at the time, were murdered!

MURDERED!!! Can't they think of something more imaginative than "suicide" anymore???

A group of doctors in the UK are mounting a legal and political campaign to overturn the suicide verdict in the death of a British doctor who was found dead shortly after exposing falsehoods about the justification for the Iraq war.

13 doctors say WMD mole did not commit suicide

British news: 13 doctors demand inquest into Dr David Kelly's death.

Now that you know Dr. Kelly was murdered, let's revisit the the anthrax scientist who committed "suicide". It doesn't take a genius to realize they know who the anthrax mailer(s) are, and exposing the truth would blow a hole in the reasons for the wars and 9/11, and the anthrax mailings were used to shut up key people and the media (I put together all the information I ever put on this blog about anthrax in the below link, rather than cut/paste huge parts in this post. It's all together in one new post dated July 11, 2009, so it's not on the front page. Please excuse any duplicates in that post, I'll eventually get rid of them!

Ivins isn't the 9/11 anthrax mailer and the FBI keeps blaming people despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Anthrax & 9/11- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know


Dash cam video of deadly traffic stop released

FBI agent complains of unprofessional atmosphere in lawsuit.

She said "blowjob" on TV!


My second favorite rock group of all time: TRAFFIC.

Traffic - John Barleycorn (Must Die)
Traffic - John Barleycorn (Must Die)

Traffic - Pearly Queen

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