Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 17, 2009

All on the same side. Not YOUR side!

Folks: the "liberal media" isn't liberal. I've been telling you this! I offer almost daily proof. The so-called mainstream media is owned by 5 corporations, and corporations aren't liberal. Who wants you to think the mainstream media is liberal and why? Figure it out. Based on these two stories below, and all the others I've been posting, where is your proof that the mainstream corporate media is "liberal"? The WWF show: the (supposed) liberal media is Hulk Hogan and people who think they're liberal choose the Hulkster...the (supposed) conservative media is Jake the Snake and the people who think they're conservative pick the Snake. YOU ALL LOSE! The "pretend" fight is working perfectly, with the Hulkster being the FAKE liberal and the Snake being the FAKE conservative. The liberal media isn't liberal, and the conservative media isn't conservative. What else sounds like that? Oh! the two parties! The same people own both, they really say the same things on important issues, they both ignore the same things! You've ALL been HAD!!! And NONE of them are doing what's right for the American people! Don't worry, the people really running this country are watching YOU watch THEM fighting! And when you figure it out, they'll dangle something else shiny in front of you. It's up to liberals to out FAKE liberals, but it's up to conservatives to out FAKE conservatives. There is really more in common with REAL liberals and REAL conservatives than the FAKE WWF liberals and FAKE WWF conservatives want you to EVER find out!

Glenn Greenwald: "Neutral" establishment journalists are now pro-Cheney opinion pundits!

Glenn reenwald: CNN repeats but does not investigate -- that Dick Cheney, the CIA, and the Bush administration did absolutely nothing wrong. Hiding behind

Glenn Greenwald's discussion with Chuck Todd, bout Chuck Todd's behavior

My colleague Mike Allen reports that the Washington Post is now soliciting payments from lobbyists for special access — to Obama officials, members of Congress, and staff — that raises all sorts of ethical questions.

This is shockng: Bill Moyers comments on the "liberal" Washington Post's "pay to play" dinner for health care lobbyists:

CIA Operation Mockingbird

CIA death squads 'copied Mossad'

If you don't think that lots of people don't know the government's 9/11 story is false, read the 200+ comments below the article in this thread, read and learn! Learn what your government did and can do and will do! Read what regular people are saying about 9/11, what they're not telling you on TV:

(re-post) Ex-FBI Agent: Why I Support a New 9/11 Investigation

Notice you don't see anyoe disputing these scientists?

Add 9/11 to your page


Flashback Feb '08: Bush "Seeks Out Leader Of The African Americans" On 5 Country Tour Of Africa

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