Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 20, 2009

Welcome to Rush Limbaugh's AmeriKKKa and the Confederate Jesus Party! Where the first things out of peoples' mouths are: "glitch", "mistakes", "they didn't pay their bill", "they hooked up the generator wrong"...instead of "the electric company shut of the power on a family with children, one of which was on an asthma machine run by electricity". If the family didn't DIE, this wouldn't even be a story! Because it would be 'OK' that they had their electricity shut off!

No one in America should ever have their electricity, water, or heat shut off! Never EVER! If they shut off your water, the first thing that happens is your house begins to stink because of the toilets and you also can't take a bath. If they shut off your electricity, the first thing that happens is your food goes bad, and you might resort to running a generator you're not used to. These things happen IMMEDIATELY! If they shut off your heat, well you freeze. The electric company's excuse? A "glitch", the man filed for bankruptcy and they shouldn't have had their electricity shut off! So, if he didn't file for bankruptcy, it was "OK" if they died? They didn't fill out a paper? Electricity is a privilege, not a necessity? Like a Nintendo system? Did the electric company care that they had 3 children in the house and one on an ELECTRIC ASTHMA MACHINE? Those children died. This is a lightning rod story that I predict the media will go to great lengths to ignore. Anyone who has any excuse whatsoever for shutting off a family's water, electricity, or heat, I think you are immoral. The rightwing "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" or die? There's people like Bill Gates with $65 billion dollars, there's companies like Goldman-Sachs who extorted our tax money to make obscene profits...and then there's families who die because they had their electricity shut off. And there's people making excuses for it! Don't even go there! There will be more Americans dying from having their electricity, water, and heat shut off. There will be people making excuses for this. They will disguise what they are really saying, which is: "It's 'OK' that this family died", by saying things like the generator wasn't set up properly or what about the power company's (white?) families? (this was a black family, btw...) How will they live, if no one pays their bill? As if they're not paying a bill for a Ferrari, instead of a necessity. These are Americans making excuses for other Americans needlessly dying. The "haves" making excuses for the "have nots" needlessly dying. They're "bad people" for not paying their electricity bill! This is a case study of what America has become. And it's all coming from the right. They will distract from their immoral views by calling others "socialists", etc... Calling the people who want to help others names. Claiming the "have nots" deserve it. They always start out with: "I feel bad for this family, BUT..." These people don't possess the capacity to put themselves in someone else's shoes. The only way they will ever understand how wrong they are, is if it happens to them, their family, their friend, or someone they know. And still maybe not. Others have the higher capacity to put themselves in someone else's shoes. I think I read that somewhere, was it the Bible? "Do unto others..." But, that was Jesus, not Republican Jesus. Republican Jesus says: "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps...OR DIE!"

Detroit family dead after ‘glitch’ led to power shut-off

It had nothing to do with DTE shutting off their electricity! They shouldn't have used the generator! If you die when we shut off your heat this winter, you should've worn a sweater! If your house stinks and becomes unsanitary when we shut off your water, you should go to the bathroom outside! And take a bath in a creek near you!

DTE said generators should never should be operated inside a home because of the potentially deadly fumes and urged people behind on their payments to contact the utility for help keeping the power on.

Finally! Someone's got it right! Corporate greed killed them! If you feel otherwise, if you feel "the generator shouldn't have been used" or "the generator wasn't set up properly" or "they didn't pay their bill", you should reexamine your life.


So, why would you ever believe a word they ever say after this? They said there's no such thing as global warming, too. Do you believe them?

Homeless stand in line for lobbyists who are lobbying against them!

Homeless get paid to stand in line for DC lobbyists

ExxonMobil’s sabotage of some 100 Texas oil wells in the past 17 years — going so far as to plug up some wells with explosives — means the world’s largest oil company could be liable for penalties of up to $1 billion, the Texas General Land Office says.

Exxon Sabotage May Merit $1 Billion Fine, Agency Says

Flashback: Exxon Chairman "Fat Bastard" Got Retirement Package Worth at Least $398 Million

Flashback: Stick Your Damn Hand In It: 20th Birthday of the Exxon Valdez Lie

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