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Big Dan's Big News July 6, 2009

The media is giving Sarah Palin a break, they're not picking on her!

Not only is the media NOT attacking Sarah Palin, they're giving her a huge break! They let her get away with resigning from being the governor without giving a reason! Palin gave a KOOKY resignation speech, a KOOKY Facebook statement on July 4th no less, both of which ramble on incoherantly...NEITHER of which state why she resigned! Yet, the media isn't digging into the reason why she resigned. THEN, they let her change the topic from "Why did she resign and issue all these bizarre ramblings?" to "The media is picking on me and I'm going to sue them"! Nobody resigns being the governor of a state for no reason, and the reason isn't a "higher calling" or some other vague BULLSHIT like that. There's a reason, and we don't know what it is yet. Add to that, the media isn't examining the ramifications of this KOOK almost being president! Christ! That's scary! It isn't the least bit funny that the Republican Party had this NUT as their vice-presidential nominee. And the proof that the media isn't "liberal", is the fact that they aren't having these discussions...the fact that they're not getting across the reality that this whole Sarah Palin business, from the election up until this crazy resignation, isn't normal at all! THAT is a huge break!

About Palin suing the blogger Shannyn Moore:

In her written statement, posted at her website, Moore defiantly declares she "will not be muzzled" and describes Palin as a "coward and a bully."

"The governor's massive overreaction -on the Fourth of July no less- should make any reasonable person wonder what's wrong with her," writes Moore. "The Lady protests way too much. Eventually we'll all find out why she really walked off the job."

"What kind of politician attacks an ordinary American on the Fourth of July for speaking her mind? What's wrong with her?" Moore asks in her statement. "The First Amendment was designed to protect people like me from the likes of people like her. Our American Revolution got rid of kings. And queens, too. Am I jacked-up? You betcha."

"Sarah Palin, if you have a problem with me, then sue me," she stridently concludes. "Shannyn Moore will not be muzzled!"

Shannyn Moore to Sarah Palin: Sue Me! Please! Threatened by litigation from Palin camp, AK bloggers close ranks, scoff at intimidation effort by cutting-and-running Governor...

Insane Sarah Palin, Late At Night On July 4, Threatens To Sue Entire Internet, Via Twitter

Gone fishin': Alaska observers say Palin's heart wasn't in job after presidential campaign

Sarah Palin attorney warns press on 'defamatory material'

Sarah Palin may be resigning due to criminal indictments or for the money

Palin's resignation comes amid a week of extraordinarily bad publicity from a highly public feud within her own state

Local bloggers have raised speculations about damaging information about Palin that was coming down the road.

In Memoriam...the media asking Sarah Palin important, relevant questions...WHOOPS! I mean the media picking on Sarah Palin:

NYPost - THE battle between Levi Johnston (above) and Sarah Palin isn't over yet. Johnston -- best known for impregnating the former vice-presidential candidate's daughter, Bristol -- "is shopping a book," his bodyguard/publicist, Tank, tells New York magazine. And it seems the book will focus on the Wasilla, Alaska, political family. "There are still many untold stories about the Palins," he said. Until the tell-all is released, though, Johnston is considering "a leading role" in a movie and a possible upcoming TV "docu-drama."


International Bankers and War. Want to eliminate war? Eliminate the globalist bankers, starting with the Federal Reserve..

In 1992, George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12803, which gave D.C. the authority to sell America’s infrastructure. They called this authority “Infrastructure Privatization.” E.O. 12803 tells us this power cleared the way for the “disposition or transfer of an infrastructure “asset” such as by sale or by long-term lease from a State or local government to a private party.”

E.O. 12803 also lists examples of America’s saleable and/or lease-able infrastructure:

• Roads
• Tunnels
• Bridges
• Electricity supply facilities
• Mass transit
• Rail transportation
• Airports
• Ports
• Waterways
• Recycling/wastewater treatment facilities
• Solid waste disposal facilities
• Hospitals
• Prisons
• Schools
• Housing



The 7/7 London bombings are being questioned as possibly being a British government "inside job":

Campaigner Diana Gorodi, whose sister Michelle Otto, 46, was one of those killed, explains: 'It's just very hard for us to believe four people got up in the morning, put bombs together on the basis of information from the internet and managed to throw London into chaos and to create a tragedy. It's impossible for me to believe those four individuals acted on their own.'

The official reports said the bombers got on the 7.40am train from Luton which would have arrived at King's Cross in good time for them to board the Tube trains.

However, the 7.40am train never ran that morning. It was cancelled.

The Government has since corrected this information - but only after the error was raised by survivors - saying the bombers actually caught an earlier train, the 7.25am from Luton, for the 35-minute journey to King's Cross. It was due to arrive in the capital at 8am.

Yet this throws up more questions than it answers. For this train ran 23 minutes late because of problems with the overhead line which disrupted most of the service between Luton to King's Cross that morning. It arrived in London at 8.23am, say station officials.

Conspiracy fever: As rumours swell that the government staged 7/7, victims' relatives call for a proper inquiry


Odds Too Absurd To Calculate

UK weapons inspector who was found dead was writing expose: paper

WEAPONS inspector David Kelly was writing a book exposing highly damaging government secrets before his ­mysterious death.


NPR's Single-Payer-Free Healthcare Reportage

Tell Media: Include Single-Payer in Healthcare Debate. Add your name below to FAIR's petition

Tell ABC: Include Single-Payer in Healthcare Debate. Network says June 24 special will cover 'all sides'

Silencing Single Payer - Single-payer health insurance is seen by many healthcare workers and citizens as the best tool for expanding coverage while reducing costs. But it is rarely discussed in the media.

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