Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 29, 2009

Ralph Nader: Health Care Hypocrisy

Stop calling them "Blue Dog Democrats"; they are REPUBLICANS! Vote out REPUBLIDOGS! The Health Insurance Industry Thanks REPUBLIDOG Max Baucus

Video 1 - Max Bachus: RepublicDOG
Video 2 - Maxine Waters on Rahm Emanuel
Video 3 - William Kristol accidentally admits govt health care is great
Video 4 - Rachel Maddow: first birthers, now DEATHERS!

I can connect Kevin Bacon to any pro-Israeli interests in our government...OOPS! I mean, I can connect any U.S. politician to pro-Israeli interests.

Maxine Waters: White House Won’t Put Pressure On Blue Dogs

Maxine Waters: Rahm To Blame For Obstructionist Blue Dogs

The Emanuel family has longstanding and passionate ties to Israel.

Emanuel's father, Chicago-area physician Dr. Benjamin Emanuel, suggested in an interview with the Tel Aviv newspaper, Ma'ariv, that his son's appointment to the White House will be good for Israel.

The Jerusalem Post, a respected English-language newspaper, this week reported an account of the senior Emanuel's remarks in the Hebrew-language Ma'ariv:

"Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel," Dr. Emanuel was quoted as saying. "Why wouldn't he be? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to clean the floors of the White House."

Arab Americans Should Be Worried About Rahm Emanuel

Israeli right welcomes US envoys with racist rally

Butchers: The hidden truth about Israel's kidney theft ring

This guy turns up DEAD, soon after the Israeli kidney theft ring is exposed!!!

Political consultant Jack Shaw found dead in Jersey City

I was almost the president! Now I'm a dead fish floating, or something!! ...'n stuff!!!

In memoriam: Colbert Report, Daily Show, & Shatner tributes to Sarah Palin officially leaving office.

Sarah Palin Will Be Missed

Stephen says goodbye to Sarah Palin in the same way he imagines she writes her own speeches.

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Sarah Palin Will Be Missed
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Quitter - Leave Sarah Palin Alone

Jason Jones delivers a strong message to the media at Sarah Palin's resignation picnic.

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William Shatner reads Sarah Palin's speech verbatim:

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