Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 4, 2009, Pitbull w/lipstick "passes the ball for VICTORY"!!!

She's "MAVERICKY"!!! You BETCHA!!!

Did David Letterman "take down" Sarah Palin? What's the difference between a HOCKEY MOM and a pitbull: LIPSTICK!!! Pitbull steps down... Drill, baby, drill!!! Mooseburgers for everyone!!!

Mooseburger Palin resigns amid possible "Iceberg Scandal". Look at her announcement below. Does she seem like she's nervous and rambling incoherently and saying bizarre things? Or is that just me? Do you "get" why she's resigning, based on this speech? I don't! I think she's in some kind of manic state in this speech. Basically, she says a lot of nothing...while in some kind of nervous, manic state. Is she having a nervous breakdown? What if, after this speech, a reporter said: "OK, why did you resign? You didn't say why!"??? Anyway, she'd probably say: "I MADE THAT PERFECTLY CLEAR!!!" Right? Don't they all do that? Check out the short, heavy breaths between sentences! This nutty speech SMASHES Sanford's nutty speech! Ladies & Gentleman: Sarah Palin is in deep DEEP SHIT! Please watch this bizarre, breakneck speed resignation speech:

Video 1 - Palin's resignation speech
Video 2 - Palin's resignation speech - speeded up (does it matter, anyway? she didn't say why she resigned! The typical American politician: they say a lot...and say NOTHING!)


- Basketball analogy - there's a full court press, she's protecting the ball (what???)
- She knows when to "pass the ball for victory"
- No more politics as usual.
- She hates wasting public dollars.
- Decision has been in works for a while.
- She was praying, considering this decision.
- 4 yes, 1 hell yes from her family.
- She mentions Letterman mocking her kid.
- Trig needs me.
- World needs more Trigs.
- She visited Kosovo, we can learn from our selfless troups.
- Our country is great (America...not Alaska.....I think.....).
- Wasteful political bloodsport.
- I love my job and Alaska.
- I'm doing what's best for Alaska, I explained why ( no she didn't)
- No more "politics as usual".
- I don't want to dissuade Alaskans from going into politics.
- Big govt takeover.
- Call an audible and "pass the ball", that's what I'm doing.
- God bless you!!! You have my hearts. (multiple hearts, I heard it here first! Palin has more than one heart!)
- Gen MacArthur: "We're not retreating, we're advancing in a different direction"
- Someone said that she said: "dead fish float with the flow", or something like that, I didn't see that anywhere...

There! Is that "rambling", or what??? Will she continue to eat mooseburgers???

“The governor would not be able to continue her job when it comes out,” Moore told Friedman. “Why would Mark Sanford not resign, but Sarah Palin did? Her family didn’t even know about the resignation until they were standing with her by the lake when she made her announcement.”


Rumors fly about Palin’s ‘iceberg scandal’

The suddenness of Sarah Palin’s resignation raises questions about whether a coming scandal caused her to leave office. Max Blumenthal looks at one possibility.

Reports have surfaced that Palin may have quit her job because she was trying to avert a major, yet-to-be-disclosed corruption scandal.

The crux of the rumor is that Alaska building company Spenard Building Supplies (SBS) was awarded a contract by Palin to build a hockey arena in Wasilla, Alaska, and in return, SBS helped construct the Palins' home.

MyFox: Is Palin Facing Embezzlement Charges?

The house in question???

Did Sports Complex Contractors Build Palin's House for Free?

THE $12.5 MILLION sports complex and hockey rink that is the lasting monument to Palin's two terms as Wasilla mayor is also a monument to the kind of insider politics that dismays Americans of both parties. (page 5 of the Village Voice article from Oct 2008)

McCain vetting process flashback:

No Surprises From Palin, McCain Team Says. Daughter's Pregnancy and Trooper Controversy Were Revealed Before Pick, According to Campaign Aide

Palin Made an Impression From the Start. Fellow Maverick Survived McCain's Thorough Vetting Process, Aides Say

The Federal Bureau of Investigation did not participate in the vetting of Gov. Sarah Palin and did not conduct a background check as part of the process

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