Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 21, 2009

Cheney's secret assassination squads went beyond targeting "Al Qaeda". Exactly WHOM did these squads assassinate???

It is disturbing to me that my tax dollars are used for what can only be described as murder. No trial, no jury, no nothing - just kill them. What qualifications does a person need to be murdered by my government? I can only guess but here are a few mysterious deaths for you to think about:

Assassination Teams and Convenient Deaths

CIA may have killed 'on the soil of friendly countries'

Was Dr. David Kelly a Target of Dick Cheney's "Executive Assassination Ring"?

Al Jazeera Journalist Imprisoned & Tortured at Gitmo to Sue Bush

Bill Moyers and Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater and Israeli commandos after Katrina. Beyond the law, Israeli foreigners had automatic weapons on our soil, hired by rich people. Beyond the law. You'd be in jail, but not these Israelis or the rich guy who hired them.

Jon Stewart explains the great shape of our economy...

"Throw the Kitchen Sink" - Conservative Media Tries to Kill Health Care Reform

DAN would RATHER you not see these clips:

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