Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 9, 2009


Report reveals health insurance company scam: they keep raising YOUR CO-PAY's and DEDUCTIBLES and decreasing the money they're paying out for what you use (called "CO-INSURANCE", they needed to invent another fancy name for screwing you) to increase their profits! YOU pay the difference! Why do you think you get a dozen extra bills whenever you go to the hospital? Folks: first they invented CO-PAY's, then they invented DEDUCTIBLES, now they invented CO-INSURANCE! Let's say you have a 20% CO-INSURANCE...that simply means they're paying only 80% of the cost of anything besides your CO-PAYs and DEDUCTIBLES, and YOU and the hospital fight it out for the other 20%! What will they think of next? And what fancy name will they call it? CO-INSURANCE simply means PROFITS! They just gave it a fancy name like CO-PAY or DEDUCTIBLE! Also, don't forget the $$$ you're shelling out just to have your flimsy plan. In a nutshell, they just got too good at taking all our money!

The Co-Pay/Deductible/Co-Insurance health care company SCAM...when they say "escalating out-of-pocket expenses", that's "CO-INSURANCE"...they invented a fancy name for it. When "CO-INSURANCE" recently came into being, I remember asking them: "What's CO-INSURANCE?" They said "It's a way for you to participate in the cost of your health care." I kid you not! That's the way they talk! Just like used car salesmen! USED CARE SALESMEN is what they are:

Pharmacists are obliged to dispense the Plan B pill, even if they are personally opposed to the "morning after" contraceptive on religious grounds, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

Eliminationism - Friends don't let simpleton friends listen to rightwing radio...them might kill someone!

Since 9/11, the right wing hate talkers have stepped up their vitriolic attacks against anyone who doesn't agree with them or doesn't look like them. Through their demonization of liberals, Muslims, Hispanics, and gays, they've opened the door to a new era of intolerance and hate in this country. And with that hate has come an increasing number of politically-based murders - murders which are becoming so frequent this year, that we haven't gone a solid month without some right wing nutjob pulling out a gun and killing people who didn't agree with their beliefs.

A riddle for Rush Limbaugh: Why do the small amount of super rich pay more taxes? Answer: Because they have ALL THE MONEY! LOL!!! Isn't that a good one?

A plan to raise taxes on the wealthy is emerging as the leading option among House Democrats looking to finance health care legislation that President Barack Obama wants. Or don't even compare it to the media's Rev. Wright coverage. Just ask yourself why this wasn't broadcast to you in the media, to inform you of important things you should know about Sarah Palin. Keep in mind, when the media was demonizing Rev. Wright, Obama wasn't even in the videos! Sarah Palin is actually in these videos!

If you think the media is always "picking" on Sarah Palin, ask yourself why all this video that's available with Sarah Palin herself in the videos wasn't broadcast like the demonization of Obama's pastor Rev. Wright. They played the Rev. Wright "The chickens have come home to roost" comment 24x7 for weeks on TV! Here we have Sarah Palin with her "witchdoctor"...crazy stuff, man! And it's even crazier that this wasn't broadcast 24x7 like Rev. Wright. I guess they just wanted you to think that only Obama had a radical church. Sarah Palin's church is WAY MORE RADICAL! But then again, Sarah Palin is white.

So, you believe the CIA, huh?

CIA Director Leon Panetta told the House Intelligence Committee that the agency had misled and “concealed significant actions from all members of Congress” dating back to 2001 and continuing until late June, according to a letter from seven Democrats on the panel.

White House opposes increased CIA oversight; House intel chairman says CIA lied to Congress

2007: Sloppy Tradecraft exposes CIA drug plane; “Cocaine One” saga studiously ignored in the American press

Coverup: Behind The Iran Contra Affair (1988)

This documentary of the Iran Contra affair consolidates the evidence and conspiracy theories of the incident after the 13-week Congressional hearings proved inadequate, acting merely as "damage control" and failing to show any sincere effort to get to the real truth of the matter. Illuminated are the delays by the Reagan-Bush ticket in releasing the American hostages until after the election -- after outgoing President Jimmy Carter worked tirelessly to free them. Accusations are levied that a "shadow government" regularly carries out covert activities at home and abroad, and the CIA is implicated in dealing in huge shipments of cocaine and with the profits supplying weapons to the right-wing activities of the Nicaraguan Contras. Also examined are the actions of Oliver North, who willfully ignored the Constitution in masterminding covert weapons deals with Middle-Eastern governments to additionally fund the Nicaraguan Contras. This documentary raised more questions than answers in a post-Watergate political climate where the public had become desensitized to scandal. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide

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