Friday, July 3, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 3, 2009

Gay Sailor murdered on Camp Pendleton base in San Diego.

Join the Navy! And get MURDERED while you're on base in San Diego!

Even though there are reports that he was being harassed about being gay, the Navy's official statement is that it was random and had nothing to do with his sexuality. Rep. Bob Filner (D-Chula Vista), who happened to be base Tuesday but was not informed of the murder at that point, is looking into the matter as a possible hate crime.

Below - In keeping with my recent obsession of the Colbert Report, this is interesting and informative: Nicholas Kristof describes the endocrine disruptors in the water that are causing genital malformations in male animals and humans:
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Father Roy
(PBS) Father Roy Bourgeois: Inside the School of Assassins (School of the Americas or WHINSEC, the school that trained the Honduras coup leaders right here in the U.S. with YOUR tax money!

Father Roy's School of the America's Watch website.

ž - The Military Invades U.S. Schools: How Military Academies Are Being Used to Destroy Public Education. In Chicago, there's a push to replace public schools with military academies

plunger on Hyperinflation & US Dollar’s Imminent Collapse

BlueBear on "working" - Workers of the World---RELAX!

Brad on Franken's victory

Glenn Greenwald - The still-growing NPR "torture" controversy - NPR refuses to use the word "torture" for the torture of the Bush administration.

Glenn Greenwald - The suppressed fact: Deaths by U.S. torture

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