Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 16, 2009

The biggest BULLSHIT story of all time: "Canadians come over here for health care". Propaganda pushed by RICH rightwing radio show hosts who don't need health care and Republicans.

Above: RICH rightwing FUCKERS you should HATE, who do their "Tokyo Rose" radio and TV propaganda telling people with no health care coverage that they don't need health care coverage! Keep in mind, these RICH people don't need health care, they control the media (even though they CRY that it's "liberal"), and they never have anyone without health care on their shows! And if they EVER DO, I want to see that person without health care, say that they are AGAINST getting health care!

Using logic, the "Canadians come here for health care" folklore propaganda that rightwing media and Republicans push on behalf of the health "care" industry and rich people every time national health care comes up can be proven false. First, Canadians don't get free health care in America. If they do, how come I don't? So, if it's not free, they would pay CASH here, right? Therefore, if they do exist, these Canadians who come over to America for health care are SUPER RICH, because they'd have to pay CASH. In Canada, everyone is treated equal with health care. If you are rich, you don't get preferential treatment and not have to wait as long as anyone else. So you would go to America and get waited on immediately and pay CASH, because you are RICH. This goes for rich Americans, too. Rich Americans, like these rightwing talk show hosts, do NOT want national health care, because they are RICH. If we had national health care, THEY would have to wait as long as the average American would. Therefore, they don't want national health care, because they couldn't pay CASH to get waited on immediately!

So, who and where are these "Canadians who come over here for health care"? There aren't any! And if there were, they'd have to be SUPER RICH to pay CASH for a $25,000 operation! I want to see a middle income or poor Canadian who came over here and paid CASH for a $25,000 operation!

WHO is paying rich rightwing radio show hosts who don't need health care, to say that people who don't have health care or have SHITTY health care, shouldn't be covered by national health care for all? If you're lucky enough to have health care, your premiums are most likely astronomical, as are your deductibles. And you have "co-insurance", which is a fancy term invented by health care companies, which means "we're not paying 20% of ANYTHING we cover, BESIDES your co-pay and deductible". And these things, as well as your astronomically high premium, keeps going up and up and up, so they make more profits. Ultimately, they wish you'd just send them money for no service!

The rightwing radio and Republican folklore of "Canadians come over here for health care" is BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA!

Glen Beck has a meltdown on a caller, while pushing the FAKE RIGHTWING/GOP "CANADIANS COME HERE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT" Harry & Louise type FOLKLORE.


George Carlin -"Who Really Controls America"

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