Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Dan's Big News July 8, 2009

You wanna see bullshit propaganda? Take a look at this video below: Taliban training children suicide bombers. "U.S. officials say..." and a highly regarded Pakistan general reading off a teleprompter to the side like an infomercial. And a "Taliban spokesman" is interviewed with a towel on his head! Really? Why didn't you just grab him and throw him in jail, instead of interview him? You can see the tire on the motorbike the suicide bomber was riding. The tire is still basically intact, some bomb, huh? Shouldn't it be in a million pieces? Is this anything like the DEBUNKED "Iraqi women suicide bombers with Down's Syndrome" or the FAKE Bin Laden videos??? Did you ever notice that there's no suicide bombers in a country until WE get there? And they kill each other instead of US??? So, there's no suicide bombers in, say, Iraq, and then WE get there, and they decide to start killing their own with suicide bombs, but they didn't before? Then we can blame THEM when WE kill them! Wake up!!! And many CHILDREN have we killed in Iraq? About a MILLION??? Check this out (Feb. 4, 2008)...and then this (Feb. 20, 2008). the only problem with the 2nd retraction, is that not only weren't there any Iraqi women suicide bombers with Down's Syndrome...THERE WEREN'T ANY SUICIDE BOMBERS! WE DID IT! We do it all the time, and blame suicide bombers! Here's another one. The tipoff is "children" or "women" suicide bombers, to shock you! You'll also see "officials say" or some whacko general in the puppet government saying something, "our guy" out there in the foreign country. When Iran claims that WE are doing things like that, we call them "nuts", right? Maybe they're telling the truth! The "military media" can't even make a believable propaganda video anymore. This video is like a Saturday Night Live video! "We're in Pakistan now...START RUNNING THE 'WOMEN & CHILDREN SUICIDE BOMBERS' stories! Dust them off!" Next up: the "HUMAN SHIELDS" propaganda stories!

John Pilger: "Its almost a historic opportunity the we understand that the perception of our world is utterly distorted, most of the time through what are seen as credible sources of information."

Pentagon Pundits - Blinded By The Right

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