Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Jan 6, 2009

More LIES in the controlled American media: Israel's phosphorus bombs are "smokescreens"!

Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells

The Israeli military is reportedly using napalm-like white phosphorus shells in its all-out attack on Gaza, according to the conservative Times of London. The phosphorus in the smoke-emitting shells causes agonizing, unquenchable burns, sometimes searing flesh right down to the bone.

These savage tools of terror are "legal" when used as smokescreens to mask military operations, although their use as an offensive weapon is war crime. This is a rather ludicrous distinction when the shells are fired into heavily populated civilian areas, exploding and spraying phosphorus in all directions. Anyone who orders their use on cities and refugee camps knows with iron certainty that civilians will be burned, maimed and killed by this chemical weapon. That is to say, they know they will be murdering and mutilating innocent people in the most gruesome manner -- and they give the order anyway.

Fallujah by the Sea: Aping America, Israel Unleashes Chemical Weapons in Gaza


Ann Coulter's book: a LIE-O-RAMA destined for 95%-off in the bargain bin!

Summary: Media Matters has examined a copy of Ann Coulter's new book, Guilty, and presents a sampling of the book's numerous falsehoods. These falsehoods include her defense of claims made against Sen. John Kerry by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth; her assertion that "Fox News has never been caught promoting a fraud"; and her claim that President-elect Barack Obama was referring to Gov. Sarah Palin when he said "you know, you can put lipstick on a pig; it's still a pig."

Guilty: Coulter's latest book filled with falsehoods

Summary: NBC has repeatedly provided Ann Coulter a platform to spew her inflammatory rhetoric even as NBC-affiliated hosts and anchors have expressed disapproval of her statements or criticized the media for promoting her. Coulter's latest book, Guilty, is rife with such inflammatory comments, including saying that the Democratic primaries were a contest of "Who's the Biggest Pussy?"; calling children whose parents divorce "future strippers" in a chapter titled "Victim of a Crime? Thank a Single Mother"; and calling former White House press secretary Scott McClellan "retarded." Nevertheless, Coulter has announced that she is scheduled to appear on Today on January 6.

Is NBC going to help Coulter sell this book?


Retailers across the country are reporting a rise in shoplifting and officials are attributing a portion of the increase to cash-strapped amateurs.


Check out this FOX News report on Israeli spying in the U.S., and then check out at the end of the film how many people in the Bush administration have dual U.S./Israeli citizenship. It's pretty DAMN interesting! And Hey! This is FOX News saying this! This FOX News report has since been scrubbed off their archives and they won't acknowledge it. Very strange! Huh? What's going on here?

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