Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Jan 11, 2009

Republican Wilkes-Barre Times Leader Editor and Publisher Richard L. Connor is no longer capable of writing a column NOT about Rod Blagojevich!

Before opening up the Times Leader today, I guaranteed my wife that Richard L. Connor's column would mention Blagojevich. Connor's ironically titled article "Overlooking behavior of some not fair" (ironic because he is the one always overlooking the behavior of Republicans, especially the most corrupt administration of all time, the Bush administration) continues his obsession with Rod Blagojevich. See here and here and here, as well as today's column.

I can come to only one conclusion:

Richard L. Connor thinks Blagojevich is the governor of Pennsylvania!

Richard L. Connor's columns are starting to remind me of the movie "Being John Malkovich", ever see it? In the movie, at one point everyone looks like John Malkovich and every word out of their mouths is "Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich" - it's all anyone can say, and everyone, including women, look like John Malkovich. Simply replace "Malkovich" with "Blagojevich" and you have the movie: "Being Richard L. Connor." Both names end in "vich", isn't that funny?

Connor's paper also features a column by FAKE conservative huckster Ann Coulter for "balance". Connor thinks Coulter is a conservative, just like he thinks Bush is a conservative. He also thinks Republicans are conservatives.

Worst economy since Great Depression under still-president Bush.

Financial Post: Great Depression jobs parallel may not be far flung; if unemployment were still tallied the way it was in the 1930s, today's jobless rate would be closer to 16.5% -- more than double the stated rate.

Wall St. Journal: Yearly Job Loss Worst Since 1945

Yahoo: Job losses hit 2.6 million as layoff pain deepens; A staggering 2.6 million jobs disappeared in 2008, the most since World War II, and the pain is only getting worse with 11 million Americans out of work and searching.

USA Today: Jobless rate spikes to 7.2% as Dec. payrolls plunge by 524,000

$493,000.00 - $493,000.00 - $493,000.00 - $493,000.00 - $493,000.00

Queen Laura Bush: in another world than we are in. Can I have that plate to pay off my kids' college and get health care, Laura???

Laura Bush shows off new china — with $493,000 price tag

Never has a family made so much as war profiteers, from a member being president. President George W. Bush, his brothers Marvin, Neil, and their "Uncle Bucky" Bush have made millions over the past 8 years through George's presidency. Enjoy this quick Tour of how the Bush family has cashed in from war profiteering and raked in a fortune from a series of American disasters.

Anti-Israel protests sweep America, Europe, and the world; this one is in Manhattan:

Anti-Israel protestors in London; in 2nd one, protestors throw shoes at police in honor of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at Bush:

Lots of anti-Israel protest videos from around the world in the following link:

UK, Europe hit with riots over Israel's Gaza campaign

"Taking cover among civilians." This is a curious locution. When you launch missiles to kill the democratically elected officials of a government -- especially when you target their private homes -- where else do you expect to find them? Gaza is a giant, open-air prison which no one can leave and where, as the story notes, 1.4 million people live in densely-packed urban areas and refugee camps. Where else are the "Hamas militants" supposed to exist in this seething sardine tin except "among civilians"?

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