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Big Dan's Big News Jan 3, 2009

These things are linked: The Iraq & Afghanistan wars, the Israelis bombing Gaza, the financial crisis, and Americans not having universal health care and soon not enough for their homes and food.

Congress will be greeted on day 1 this year by a march of war dead on Capitol Hill.


JANUARY 6th, 2009

We’ve arrived at the finish line in the race to the bottom and it’s clear there are few winners: once the little fish were eaten, the big fish fed on each other (Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and assorted hedge fund frauds against the wealthy). Now the big fish have no where else to feed but at the government’s bailout trough, transferring the debt-ownership society to our children.

Special commentary by Big Dan: Our corrupt government doesn't give a damn about us regular Americans. With blazing emergency speed, they bailed out the banksters for over 9 TRILLION dollars. The Iraq & Afghanistan wars are going to be over 3 TRILLION dollars and they take billions of our tax money so Israel can drop bombs on the Palestinians in Gaza. These are more important to our corrupt government than Americans being covered by health insurance. That is not an emergency to them. Americans losing their homes is not an emergency to them. The Middle East and the banksters are more important to our corrupt government than AMERICANS! Rushing bombs to Israel is more important to our government than AMERICANS! Bailing out BILLIONAIRE banksters is more important to our government! My daughter is 21 and doesn't have health care. In the last 5 years, I've gone through several periods without health care due to changing jobs or job loss. You know what you have to do in this country? You have to not own anything and use the emergency room as doctor visits, then they can't take anything off you to pay the hospital bill because you don't own anything. Pretty soon our government will rush through an "emergency" bill that hospital emergency rooms don't have to wait on people without health insurance, that would warrant "emergency" legislation to our corrupt government, not rushing through a bill to cover all Americans with health care. And they are covered with wall-to-wall health coverage with our tax money. We think this is such a great country...technically, it's not the country, it's the government. They're just taking our tax money and doing things with it that are not in our interest, but it's in their interest. It's WAAAAAAY past the time that all Americans were covered with health insurance from birth to death, with no worries about it. The 50 million Americans without health insurance: remember the 12+ TRILLION they're spending on the banksters and the endless wars!!! The politicians spending all that money are rich and all have health care!!! Whenever you see a fundraiser for someone with a medical problem, remember they wouldn't need that fundraiser if we had universal health care."

Blood brothers.

CNN: US weapons 'killing innocent civilians' in Gaza

the United States Congress approved the sale of this bomb to Israel. Actually, they approved the sale of 1,000 of these bombs to Israel. Second side-note: Your tax dollars bought the bombs.

Israel, a nation that was born out of Zionist terrorism, has launched massive airstrikes against targets in Gaza using high-tech weapons produced by the United States, a country that often has aided and abetted terrorism by its client military forces, such as Chile’s Operation Condor and the Nicaraguan contras, and even today harbors right-wing Cuban terrorists implicated in blowing up a civilian airliner.

Israel has gone to great lengths to ensure that the world does not know the extent of its crimes against humanity inside of Gaza. Reporters have been barred from the 10-mile-by-1-mile walled-off ghetto. Israeli gunboats, patrolling off the coast of Gaza, have driven off boats that have sought to bring reporters and other witnesses to the assault.

The truth about those Hamas rockets

To portray this as a conflict between equals requires some imagination

Here's what our U.S. congress would do if Israel attacked us...

The horror of the Holocaust doesn't excuse Israeli barbarism in Gaza

Israel's bombardment of Gaza has long been in the planning, and the purpose is to terrorize the Arab population in the hopes that they will revolt against the Hamas leadership and to punish them further for electing them. The siege Gaza has remained under since Israel withdrew its military from the Strip in 2006 has had the same intended purpose.

"Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always."


Century of the Self - learn about propaganda, question everything. 2 of 4

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Below video: Howard Zinn on "War and Social Justice"

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