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Why doesn't the corporate mainstream media tell you these things below about Israel and 9/11 and domestic spying on Americans? Because the so-called "mainstream media" always was, is, and always will be the spokesman for the government, the elites, and the powerful. And the mainstream media is more pro-Israel than pro-American. And so is our government. Is Israel blackmailing the U.S. government with their ability to listen in on all U.S. phone calls? The way our government acts, it sure looks that way to me! Maybe that's why we're always shipping weapons to Israel with our tax money and both parties, the Democrats and Republicans, issue "BIZARRE" bi-partisan statements fully backing Israel all the time. But they're not worried about things like health care for Americans or Americans losing their homes to foreclosures or American kids leaving college with $100,000.00 loans.

How Israel helps eavesdrop on US citizens...and U.S. politicians???

Is that why the Democrats and Republicans fall over each other to rush to issue bi-partisan statements of full support of Israel all the time? You know, the last time I checked, I'm an American and not an Israeli! I don't know about YOU! Israel is a foreign country, the last time I checked! Is our government working for US or Israel?

The US Congress is set to offer staunch and unwavering support for Israel as the Gaza conflict rages.

The US entrusted Israeli intelligence services with spying on Americans after the 9/11 attacks, an intelligence journalist has revealed.

The Private and Profitable World of Corporate Spying

So here we have a foreign nation (Israel) able to listen in on most phones at will, using taps that cannot be found because they are built into the phone system itself, and willing to use the information gleaned from those calls to blackmail Americans into any desired course of action. This may well be what Ariel Sharon meant when he stated that the Jewish people control America.

Bamford maintains that the bugging of the entire two networks, 'carrying billions of American communications every day', were handed to two companies founded in Israel.

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Kobi Alexander the Israeli crook who owned the Mossad companies who had clear foreknowledge of the terror attacks of 9/11. Alexander transferred $57 million to Israel and fled to Israel as a fugitive from justice. Why didn't the police arrest him before he was able to get away? Who warned him and allowed him to flee?

Aug. 2006: 3 from Comverse facing fraud charges on options. SEC says they reaped 'millions' on scheme

Aug. 2006: Kobi Alexander should be arrested and interrogated about his knowledge of the events of 9/11. His company acquired the other Mossad firm, Odigo, shortly after it was revealed that Odigo employees had been forewarned of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Odigo: Instant Messages Warned Of Terrorist Attacks. The New York-based company said the contents of the messages, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the sender, was given to the FBI.

On the day of the 9-11 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations. His quick reply was: "It's very good…….Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)"

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

Dancing Israelis on 9/11 - one of them on Israeli TV says of 9/11: "Our purpose was to document the event", he says it right on TV! That means they had foreknowledge of 9/11!


GRITtv: One of the more revealing moments of the Bush years occurred at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner in 2004. David Corn writing in the Nation described the event as "a formal-and-fun affair where thousands of media folks assemble at the Hilton for a fancy dinner and fab pre- and post-parties." This is where Bush delivered his now infamous "where are those weapons of mass destruction" routine. According to Corn, the audience laughed. Perhaps because the joke was on them.

One of the great failures of the Bush years was the media's reporting in the run up to the war in Iraq. But it began even before that. With intimidation during the 2000 campaign. The sacking of Dan Rather in 2004. Shock and awe. Mission Accomplished. It was a masterfully stage managed presidency and the media never really got behind the scenes. Looking back, what have we learned? Did the media get duped? Or did they acquiesce?

Above: Jiddu Krishnamurti in the 1920's.

Krishnamurti - we are the world

Zeitgeist, The Movie - Remastered / Final Edition

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