Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Dan's Big News Jan 21, 2009

"The GOP is not a political party. It's a crime syndicate and a kooky, malevolent cult." - Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy

Michael Chertoff, another of the record Israeli/U.S. dual citizenship members of the Bush administration. Chertoff should be fired by Obama for his fake terror alerts.

Last desperation attempts by the outgoing administration: One last fake terror alert by Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff the head of Homeland Security (only against Obama even though Obama and Bush were together all day; none against Bush in 8 years), one last fake Bin Laden audio from the many "organizations" that sprang up during Bush's fake "War on Terror" (the videos are so fake they shit canned them), and Cheney rolling around in a wheelchair for sympathy. Cheney hurt himself moving those heavy boxes when he was moving his stuff out, no one was helping him! Right! Cheney's wheelchair ploy was for sympathy so the announcers covering the inauguration weren't questioning why he isn't in jail. Above left: Cheney's wheelchair, complete with rocket launcher and pacemaker recharger. The more it rolls, the more it recharges his pacemaker.


But the last name of one family, which is literally amassing a fortune over the backs of our dead heroes, matches that of the man holding the purse strings in the White House.

Congress Must Cut Off Bush Family War Profits

Bush's Family Profits from 'No Child' Act

...and Bush sails off into the sunset after the End of an Error...

America-Hater and multi-Millionaire/almost Billionaire Rush Limbaugh to his Ditto-Fuckhead minions:

Limbaugh: ‘I Hope Obama Fails’

The real Rush??? Rush Limbaugh biography: Political commentator, radio host, college drop-out, alleged closet homosexual, and, as recently revealed, synthetic heroin drug addict, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is probably the best known neocon personality in American radio.h/t Jon

MILLIONS of Americans know 9/11 was an inside job and even more MILLIONS around the world. Here's Morgan Reynolds, former chief economist U.S Dept. of Labor:

Add 9/11 to your page

Prosecute the NIST for Obstruction of Justice

NIST explanation of WTC-7's falling totally debunked by experts:

Habeas Corpus, 9/11, & Patriot Act[s]

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