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Big Dan's Big News Jan 31, 2009

Update: I added this to yesterday's NEPA Judge-Gate post:

Big Dan has questions:Shown from the left: Rob Mericle of Mericle Commercial Real Estate; DEP Secretary McGinty, Leo Kucewicz, executive assistant to Sen. Ray Musto (D-14); Rosemary Dessoye, executive vice-president of the Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce; and Lew Sebia, chief operating officer for Mericle Commercial Real Estate.

Read the following excerpts from the excellent local newspaper coverage:

The information filed today alleges the judges received payments from two persons, identified as Participant # 1 and Participant # 2. They are not named, but the information says Participant # 1 was a Luzerne County attorney who was an owner of the Pennsylvania Child Care juvenile detention center that is at the core of the government’s case. Butler Township attorney Robert J. Powell was until June one of two co-owners of Pennsylvania Child Care. The other owner, Gregory Zappala, who is now sole owner of the firm, is a Pittsburgh-area investment banker. Most of the $2.6 million in payments to Ciavarella and Conahan went to Pinnacle Group of Jupiter LLC, a company controlled by the judges that owned an exclusive Florida condominium. The payments were disguised as rental fees for the condo and a related dock.

The information says Participant #2 was the contractor that built Pennsylvania Child Care’s local facility and another in Butler County. The contractor for both projects was Mericle Construction Inc., headed by local developer Robert Mericle.

A spokesman for Mericle Construction, attorney Lew Sebia (Mericle Construction Chief Operating Officer) released the following statement at 5 p.m.:

"Neither Rob Mericle nor Mericle Construction has been charged with any offense. (bd: They always say this. When they're actually charged, they never issue a statement: "OK, now they just got charged"; this is standard) Mr. Mericle has cooperated with all authorities with respect to this investigation and will continue to do so in the future without exception. At no time did Rob Mericle or Mericle Construction ever make any payment to influence a decision to secure a contract to build any PA Child Care facility. (bd: Notice: Sebia did NOT say Mericle Construction never made any payments to the judges Florida company Pinnacle Group of Jupiter LLC" - pretty slick, huh???) Mr. Mericle’s participation to construct these facilities was sought out because of his demonstrated expertise in construction and development. (bd: No one is questioning Mericle Construction's "expertise", we're questioning the kickbacks!!!)"
Big Dan's Big Question: "What was the role of Lew Sebia, the lead counsel and COO of Mericle Construction / Real Estate Co.? Was he the legal operative of "Participant #2" (Mericle)??? Are we all expected to believe that Lew Sebia, the legal counsel for Mericle and COO of Mericle Construction, was unaware that Mericle was a participant in paying $2.6 million in kickbacks to Pinnacle Group of Jupiter LLC in Florida (controlled by Judges Ciavarella and Conahan) and Beverage Marketing (controlled by Judge Conahan)???"

Special commentary by Big Dan: "Why isn't our government waiving the taxing of unemployment? And why aren't they waiving the 10% penalty for withdrawing your 401K? They are DAILY thinking of ways to give the banksters TRILLIONS of our dollars. Don't tell me that it didn't cross their minds to waive taxing unemployment and waiving the 10% penalty on withdrawing your 401K! They just don't give a shit about us, as I've said before. And guess who started BOTH the taxing of unemployment and the 10% penalty on withdrawing your own money from your 401K? YOU'RE GOOD FRIEND RONNIE "ALZHEIMERS" REAGAN! LOOK IT UP!"

"Conservatives" will be afraid to watch this movie...because they'll realize they aren't "conservatives" and the Republican Party is not "conservative". You can sooooooo clearly see how the Bush administration used FEAR to strip us of civil liberties and trash the constitution!

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