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Big Dan's Big News Jan 15, 2009

NOTHING justifies the slaughter of children: It’s Day 21 of Israel’s assault on Gaza. Israeli warplanes attacked forty targets across Gaza overnight, as Israeli troops backed by tanks have pushed deep into the heart of Gaza City. Since Israel started its bombardment of Gaza, over 1,100 Palestinians have been killed and more than 5,200 wounded. At least 700 civilians are among the dead, including more than 350 children. ZERO ISRAELI CHILDREN HAVE DIED!

As the Palestinian death toll in Israel’s assault on Gaza climbs above 1,100, we take a look behind the statistics. Suleiman Baraka is a Palestinian astrophysicist. He works here in the United States at Virginia Tech with NASA. On December 29th, Israeli war planes bombed the house where his wife and four children were staying. His eleven-year-old son Ibrahim was killed. His wife and three other children are now homeless in Gaza, along with seventeen members of his family.

SULEIMAN BARAKA: Yes. Thank you, first, for giving me this chance to talk to a American public. I was in my office (in the U.S.). I received a call that there was a bombing in my area (in Gaza), and then, after a while, the bombing was my house, and then I lost communication with the family for ten hours. It was really very hard, at the emotional, psychological level, because I had known that there something happened, and I cannot follow up. Ten hours later, I knew that my son Ibrahim was critically injured and my mom was moderately injured when they bombed my house with a one-ton bomb and destroyed the house, injuring my son and my mom.

Palestinian Astrophysicist in US Recounts How His 11-Year-Old Son Died When Israeli Warplanes Bombed His Family’s House

RASHID KHALIDI: They do. They have carried out one of the most brilliant propaganda campaigns I have ever seen, long before this began. The dehumanization of the Palestinians and the demonization of Hamas laid the groundwork for this. They did what I call “clearing the crime scene before the crime” by removing all witnesses. When I was in Jerusalem in November, Western journalists were complaining bitterly to me that they couldn’t get into Gaza. And, of course, there are no Western journalists in Gaza, because they have basically carried out the recommendations of the Winograd report that was issued after their war in Lebanon in 2006, one of which was you have to control the media. You have to make sure that you manipulate data, control images.

And they’ve done a brilliant job of that, at least in this country and to a lesser extent in Israel. The rest of the world sees what’s going on, because they’re taking the feeds by Palestinian journalists in Gaza, and the pictures and images by themselves and the numbers that you recited tell the story. On the other hand, we have the New York Times, which had an article this morning on the bombardment of the United Nations headquarters, the destruction of the entire food and medical supplies of the United Nations, and which managed to give ten paragraphs to Israel’s justification for an attack on the United Nations. I mean, even for the Times, that’s a kind of a record.

Bloody Israeli Assault on Gaza Enters Fourth Week, Palestinian Death Toll Tops 1,100

Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi. McCain & Palin continually invoked Khalidi's name as a terrorist association of Obama - —“Rashid Khalidi, Rashid Khalidi,” and putting it together with the word “terrorist.” Take a look at how absolutely NOT a terrorist this guy is!

Add Israel to your page

George Galloway Palestine the only country wiped off the map; George Galloway Speaks Against Zionists, the reverse of the truth, when victims become terrorists, and terrorists become the victims!

McAllen, Texas – On Jan. 9, about 150 demonstrators here raised awareness in their community about U.S. policy regarding the brutal Israeli assault against Palestinians in Gaza. Some carried signs of heart-rending images of murdered mothers and children—the kind of images controlled American corporate newspapers would never print in a trillion years. However, the protesters—many of them from the local Muslim community, accompanied by other concerned Americans—know that the American people need to see such pictures if there is ever going to be a lasting, genuine peace in that tumultuous part of the world.

Americans Sound Off: Stop Palestine Massacre


While Barack Obama was dining with rightwing agitators and Hillary Clinton was glowering with menace toward "non-state actors" (her curious -- not to mention ignorant -- term for the democratically elected government of Palestine), the killing in Gaza kept grinding on. So many have died in such a short space of time that "there is not tomb and continent enough for the slain": the Palestinians are running out of graves.

"Dizzy With Success": Running Out of Graves in Gaza

Israeli forces shell UN office in Gaza

Israel bombing schools, hospitals, civilians, food storage, ramming humanitarian boats, UN buildings...Israel is doing a HOLOCAUST against the Palestinians!

Comparison of military strength of Israel and the Palestinians

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is "shocking", the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross said after a visit to a hospital in the embattled territory.

IOF troops shell Palestinian hospital with hundreds inside

20th day under attack: Tanks enter Gaza City. Death toll reaches 1,070 as thousands of Palestinians flee the shelling

Gaza: Residents waving white flags 'shot dead as they flee their homes'

A real discussion on TV regarding U.S. policy towards Israel


Get On The Plane!

I don't think this is what they meant, when they told the passengers to "get on the plane", they should get IN the plane! This is strange: all 155 passengers survived, none were hurt - except ONE WOMAN BROKE 2 LEGS! What the hell was she doing? Just wonderin'... Personally, I hate flying. I'm deathly afraid to fly. It's not like I don't fly - I've flown to Germany twice, England, Orlando, St. Louis, Chicago, Boston...I just hate it and will never, EVER like it! This sure doesn't help!

This plane hit some birds. To me, that isn't so good if this happens when a big plane like this hits some birds. Am I off-base on that one? Why doesn't this happen more often? Does this make you feel good about flying? This happens if a jumbo jet hits a bird? I'm not knocking flying. Millions of people fly, sometimes every day. I'll definitely fly again many times I presume. But this happened because they hit a bird? What the.....was it a 700 foot bird? I hope the next time I fly, there aren't any of these "birds" around. They look so harmless, trotting around my yard, too! I better not get them mad, they might push my car off the road on the way to work. What if you see a bird at the airport the next time you fly...

All 155 survive as pilot ditches plane in Hudson

$650 million more sought for digital TV transition

Congress Miscalculates Total Price Tag For Upcoming Switch to Digital TV

"I'm The Slime" (oozing out of your TV set) - The Mothers of Invention from Saturday Night Live 1976

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