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Big Dan's Big News Jan 25, 2009

Big Dan appeals to super-rich for medical care for Americans!

This message is for all the super-rich in this country, those of you who got millions and billions of tax cuts during the Bush years. I'm appealing to you to cover the rest of us Americans with health care. Our government isn't. Our government won't. So, won't you take your millions and billions of dollars you're never going to spend, and cover us all with health insurance? We're all losing our homes because of the medical bills. And now, guess what? Hospitals want money up front or they won't see you. Of course, you don't experience this, as you have millions and billions of dollars. Trust me, it's happening! Please give us some of your money you're not using, for health care! Please! David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, the Bush Crime Syndicate, the Democrat and Republican Crime Syndicates, and the rest of you: please cover us Americans with health care with some of your money! You're our only hope, so we don't die of something preventable! Things you take for granted! It's your civic duty as OUR fellow Americans!

Thank you,
Big Dan

The un-American hospital racketeers:

Hospitals Demanding Cash Up Front - CBS Evening News: Growing Number Of Americans Have Coverage, But Still Pay Dearly For Treatment

Hospital Charges Patients 18% Interest Rate on Medical Debt

Average Retired Couple Will Pay $376,000 Out-of-Pocket for Health Care Costs, Warns Report

No insurance for 90% of laid-off workers

A January 19 episode of BBC One's Panorama, the world's longest running television documentary show, tackles the dismal state of health care in the United States, the lengths to which its estimated 45 million uninsured citizens will go to in pursuit of care, the pharmaceutical industry's rigged pricing against the American patient, and the insurance industry's efforts to deny care whenever possible.

Lobbyist tells BBC of plans to derail Obama health care plans

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Taxpayers paid $2.2 MILLION to move Bush/Cheney!!!

How did Dick Cheney hurt his back moving, if people moved him for $2.2 million??? (click on picture to enlarge in new window) ...and $2.2 million to move? It costs a couple of hundred dollars to move!!! Is this anything like the $1,000 toilet seats for the military??? The Bush's and Cheney's are super-rich multi-millionaires, why didn't they pay for this themselves??? If they paid for it themselves, I'm sure it would've been the actual several hundred dollars then... Maybe we average Americans with no health care losing our homes just don't undertand how much money it takes to move conservatives.

George W. Bush gets the last laugh as taxpayers have to pony up $2.2 million to move his family, along with Dick Cheney and his family, out of their residences in the nation's capital.

Cost of the Bush era: $11.5 trillion

Flashback 2004 RNC presidential election film: "All The President's WORDS"


Below: Ray McGovern, David Swanson, and Ann Wright on Bush Administration War Crimes: 7 Videos

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Note to self: "Don't sent kids to Virginia Tech".

Above: the decapitation. I see they've taken precautions since the shooting.

First we had the shooting massacre off 33 students at Virginia Tech, and now a student was decapitated at Virginia Tech...what's going on at Virginia Tech? Holy Christ! Both of these things occurred at Virginia Tech and both the killers in each case were oriental, izn't dat veird??? The shooting was done by 23-year-old Seung-Hui Cho, a South Korean citizen with U.S. permanent resident status, and the decapitation was done by Chinese citizen Zhu Haiyang - both at Virginia Tech, a place you probably don't want to send your kids to college.

Below: the shooting.


Supreme Court strikes down Internet censorship law. It took ten years, but free speech advocates are celebrating the demise of a controversial law they said violated the First and Fifth Amendments in its aims to "protect children."

1986: Frank Zappa on Crossfire about government censorship of music

Frank Zappa - The Illinois Enema Bandit - 1988 Bar

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