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Big Dan's Big News April 9, 2010

Big Dan with Cindy Sheehan TODAY in Scranton...NOT covered by WILK:

Cindy Sheehan, anti-war activist, speaks in Scranton today at noon.

Update: here's one of the videos I took (note: youtube has a 10 minute limit on videos, I'm going to have to chop them up before I put the ones up that are longer, it may take a while):

Cindy Sheehan reads the Bishop of Scranton's statement handed to her about not letting her speak in Scranton:

Apparently, all the news channels except WILK thought it was a big deal to have Cindy Sheehan in our area:

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no foolin' around...and it ain't no TEA PARTY! Will WILK's self-proclaimed liberal Steve Corbett give Cindy Sheehan the coverage that a talk show host who says he's left-of-left should give this? Here's the big test for him...TODAY - time to PUT UP OR SHUT UP about being a "big liberal". You couldn't get a better experiment than this. It's THE experiment! And I expect to see the Tea Party and Frank Scavo and all the Republicans there to help Cindy protest the government spending $2.5 BILLION dollars a week on the wars. Right? Or isn't Steve Corbett a liberal? Or is the Tea Party not serious about curbing government spending and only want to cut social programs for Americans?

Cindy Sheehan yesterday on FaceBook: "(I) am heading to give a speech on a street corner in Scranton, PA tomorrow, since the Catholic hierarchy there has blackballed me from every other speaking venue--even the ones that aren't Catholic. Argghhh---it's because I am pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, pro-birth control, pro-divorce, and against wars and pedophilia."

Rejected by the Diocese of Scranton and other venues, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan will speak against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in Scranton anyway on Friday.

She will speak first outside diocesan headquarters downtown, then in front of the Lackawanna County Courthouse.

Organizers ran into one roadblock after another trying to find a venue for Sheehan to speak, so they settled on downtown, outdoors, rain or shine, said Jack Gilroy, a Carbondale native and University of Scranton graduate who lives in Endwell, N.Y., and failed to find a local venue for her to appear.

Sheehan will host a news conference at noon outside the Diocese Chancery building at Linden Street and Wyoming Avenue, then walk over to Courthouse Square for a 1 p.m. speech.

Sheehan, whose soldier son Casey was killed in Iraq, garnered media attention in 2005 when she camped out near President George W. Bush's Texas ranch. She has since remained active in the anti-war movement.

She was scheduled to appear Friday at St. John the Evangelist Church hall on Fig Street in Scranton. The diocese later forbid use of the church

Anti-war activist Sheehan will speak near rejected venues

Will FOX "news", Jr. (Entercom's WILK) cover Cindy Sheehan like they give air time to the Tea Party, Chuck Scavo, Tom Marino, Tom Corbett, Lou Barletta and the gang? If Sarah Palin, who holds no elected office, spoke in Scranton, WILK (FOX "news", Jr., bordering on being some kind of GOP operation) would have "2010 Palin Woodstock" complete with a countdown days beforehand. This is a good chance to see if self-proclaimed liberal Steve Corbett is really a liberal, because Cindy Sheehan is the #1 most popular anti-war activist in the United States. This is no small deal."

UPDATE: I was there with Cindy Sheehan, and WILK's FAKE liberal Steve Corbett was nowhere to be found! He couldn't find the time to see the #1 liberal in the United States and maybe the world, right in his own backyard! ...but he's "liberal"! He'll probably be yucking it up today with Frank Scavo and Lou Barletta, and devoting his show to attacking Democrats and ignoring real liberals. I have plenty of pictures and video that I will post as soon as I get it uploaded. WILK: ALL TEA PARTY, ALL THE TIME...WITH FAKE LIBERAL STEVE CORBETT!!!


When you read an editorial in your local newspaper, your natural assumption is that it expresses the views of that paper's staff and reflects local concerns. This, however, does not appear to be the case with the many small-town papers owned by Ogden Newspapers, Inc.

Exclusive: Newspaper chain sneakily astroturfs its 'right-wing' editorials

Obama said and did the same exact thing as Reagan pertaining to Russia...but you wouldn't know that if you watch and listen to the rightwing media:

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HUGE! MSNBC exposes the Federal Reserve CON:

Let us hear no more excuses for Barack Obama. Let us hear no more defenses, no more special pleading, no more extenuations. Let us have no more reciting of the "pressures" he is under, of the "many obstacles" that balk him in his quest to do us good, of the "bad advisors" who are swaying him to unworthy acts against his will. Let us be done at last with all these wretched lies, these complicitous self-deceptions that are facilitating atrocity and tyranny on a monstrous scale. Barack Obama has ordered the murder of an American citizen, without trial, without due process, without the production of any evidence. Confirmed: Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizen Sudan: "Media abuse" concerns cloud Sudan elections Thai Protesters Storm Government Controlled Television Station Jesse Ventura You Can't Have Health Care! But We Have To Build More Nuclear Weapons??? Jesse Ventura and Matt Taibbi on The View: West Virginia coal mine explosion death toll rises to 25, making it worst U.S. mining accident in 25 years
Four people remain missing in a West Virginia coal mine two days after a huge explosion killed at least twenty-five miners in the worst mining disaster in the United States in more than a quarter-century. According to federal records, MSHA cited the Upper Big Branch mine for more than 1,300 safety violations from 2005 through Monday. Fifty citations came in the last month alone. Massey Energy Mine Cited for 1,300+ Safety Violations in Years Leading up to Deadly Explosion Exxon's Fat Bastard
Even though Fat Bastard (Lee Raymond) retired from Exxon with a $400 MILLION dollar retirement package, I still put up his picture for any posts about Exxon. I consider him the poster boy for Exxon. So, good news and bad news. The good news is, oil megacorporation ExxonMobil had such a profitable year in 2009, it contributed $15 billion to the world's tax coffers. The bad news: Not a cent of that went to the IRS. NYTimes: One in four of the US's largest corporations regularly pay no income tax to the IRS, and billions are lost. Exxon's not alone: The Forbes article points out that General Electric avoided paying any income tax last year on profits of $10.3 billion. Keiser Report №32: Markets! Finance! Scandal!
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