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Big Dan's Big News April 26, 2010 - Swing To The Right

Lou "Houdini" Barletta gets a FREE PASS from WILK on the Arizona racial profiling issue.

HELLO, YOU THERE LOU? Hazleton's Lou "Houdini" Barletta pulls disappearing act, anyone have a Lou Barletta sighting since this Arizona thing? Lou is strangely silent on the Arizona unconstitutional racial profiling law...WHERE ARE YOU, LOU? You were on Entercom's WILK FOX "news" Jr. almost daily until this happened!!! Lou is busy right now...can't get a hold of him! Lou: why aren't you calling into WILK anymore? Steve Corbett: why aren't you having Lou Barletta on RIGHT NOW, asking him about the Arizona racial profiling and how it relates to what he did in Hazleton? He was on your show all the time! And if he doesn't call, you can say how he's disrespecting you and NEPA voters by not calling in, like you do to the Democrats! Lou Barletta gets a FREE PASS from his buddy Steve Corbett and WILK on this issue. Sssshhhhh.....don't anybody point out Lou "Houdini" Barletta's disappearing act!

And NEPA's WILK FOX "news" Jr. proves me right again: they replaced a host (Kevin Lynn) who would be AGAINST racial profiling, with a host who is FOR racial profiling: "Webster". Complete with the same old rightwing arguments: WELL, the illegal aliens are all from ONE group of people (Hispanics), it's costing taxpayers money (not concerned about military spending), they had to do something because the federal government  isn't doing anything (8 years of Bush/Cheney, Arizona did nothing; 1 year of Obama, suddenly it's an emergency! Also, ram through an unconstitutional law because the federal government isn't doing anything? How about ramming through a CONSTITUTIONAL law?)...following this logic, we should do the same thing to Arabs because all "the terrorists" are from ONE group of people!!! So, WILK replaced their only voice one notch to the left of center, Kevin Lynn, who just won an award and was on most of the promos, with a washed up Rock Jock who's for racial profiling. It didn't take long to identify where "Webster" is coming from, he's only there 3 weeks! Expect more of the same. You should have on Hazleton's Lou Barletta and yuck it up with him about racial profiling. clap.....clap.....clap.....clap.....clap.....

In honor of WILK's "Swing To The Right": Todd Rundgren's Utopia 1982, complete with mocking Reagan-esque conservative suits; album cover mocking the SOUTH burning Beatles albums:

Swing to the right
Try to face the fact that I ain't that young no more
Hair's short again and a suit is in,
Better brush up on how to tie a Windsor knot
Swing to the right
Credit's hard to find and a dollar doesn't go so far
What's more important when the count comes in
A sell-out who's alive or a corpse that can't be bought?

Stop the hand of time, Think I see a sign
Tables turning 'round, Hear a different sound
Stop the hands of time, Looking out for mine

Swing to the right
Don't want to hear what the povertous expect from me
Let 'em eat cake if they feel that way
I gotta work why should I have to pay for that?
And I don't want to be left holding the bag for them
'Scuze me for living but I have to say,
I've got some worries of my own, like staying fat

AZ Truck driver forced to show birth certificate claims racial-profiling

Wall Street Journal: Law Profs On Arizona Immigration Bill: It’s Unconstitutional

Judge Napolitano: Arizona law signed by Republican Governor will bankrupt the Republican Party:

The law makes it a crime to walk the streets without clutching your passport, green card, visa, or state I.D. It not only empowers but absolutely requires cops to demand paperwork if they so much as suspect a person of being undocumented. A citizen can, in fact, sue any police officer they see not harassing suspected immigrants. The bill would also make it a class one misdemeanor for anyone to “pick up passengers for work” if their vehicle blocks traffic. And it makes a second violation of any aspect of the law a felony.

Boycott the Arizona Diamondbacks

McCain On Arizona Law He Calls ‘A Good Tool’: I Don’t Know ‘Whether All Of It Is Legal Or Not’

Will the police ask Geraldo Rivera for his "papers"???

Zionist and PNAC signer Bill Kristol is FOR the Arizona racial he can next lobby for racial profiling of Arabs:

Kristol Supports Arizona Immigration Law: ‘I Don’t Think It Violates Anyone’s Civil Rights’

And Bill Kristol has ALWAYS been in my famous rightwing hall of shame, in case anyone hasn't noticed:

The Invite

Bank Lobbyists Huddle For Another Secret Meeting With GOP Senators

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coordinating Wall Street’s Stealth Lobbying Campaign To Kill Reform

US Politicians For Sale?

Since President Obama's inauguration, right-wing website Newsmax has repeatedly used inflammatory anti-Obama rhetoric and stoked readers' fears of hyperinflation and economic collapse to drive sales of the financial-services products it offers, including newsletters and investment programs. Fox News analyst Dick Morris and Steve Forbes have played key roles in promoting Newsmax's financial products and economic rhetoric.

In this report:

* Newsmax uses anti-Obama rhetoric and stokes fear of hyperinflation to drive sales of the financial-services products it offers.
* Newsmax promotions entice participants to spend $1,295 or more on investment schemes that promise a "Potential Reward" of thousands in return.
* Newsmax's investment schemes center on stock tips from Newsmax's "chief financial adviser," or advice on entering foreign currency trading markets.
* Morris was paid to tout one Newsmax promotion to his mailing list, and Newsmax rented Morris' mailing list to promote another scheme.
* Morris and Forbes have appeared in the videos and webcasts Newsmax uses to promote the website's financial products

Hyperinflation for sale: Newsmax and Dick Morris cash in on anti-Obama rhetoric

Military spending AGAIN increased...while everything else is slashed:

Senate Budget Committee Proposes Slashing State And Foreign Aid Budgets While Increasing Pentagon Funding

TeaBaggers: if you're for bringing down the national debt and NOT for slashing the #1 spending debt, military spending, then you really don't care about the debt:

TeaBagger Meltdown:

Religious Faith Killing Babies

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?

CALEA and the Stellar Wind

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