Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Dan's Big News April 29, 2010

Special Rant by Big Dan that has nothing to do with what's in the "news": "You might think I'm kidding around about this, but I'm totally serious: NO MORE COMPUTERS CALLING PEOPLES' HOUSES!!! There needs to be a law that only HUMAN BEINGS can call peoples' phones. Corporations and politicians who have endless money, can set up computers to call your phones with calls: bill collectors (especially medical bills), scam artists, political ads, politicians who aren't even on the phone themselves have a recording of themselves on a computer. THIS IS HARASSMENT, AND I WANT A LAW: NO MORE COMPUTERS CALLING PEOPLES' PHONES!!! NO MORE RECORDED VOICES CALLING PEOPLES' HOMES!!! I'm serious! They can set up a computer to call your phone every 20 minutes. If a bill collector calls my home and it's a HUMAN BEING, then FINE! They MUST have a human being calling your home. They want to waste YOUR time and not THEIR time or pay a human being to do it. I'm sure 99.9% of the American people want this to be a law...and the 0.1% are the corporations and politicians harassing us!!! I should have a right NOT to have some corporation or politician set up a computer to call my phone!!! And I don't mean a 'no call list', I mean a NO COMPUTERS EVER CALLING MY PHONES LIST!!! There is a difference. I must stress, if they are listening: I DO NOT CALL BACK COMPUTERS! I DO NOT GET THE PHONE IF IT'S A COMPUTER OR A RECORDED VOICE! Do they know this? Do they care? No, they don't's harassment because they've programmed a computer to do it! And they save money by harassing you like this, because they don't have to pay a human being to call you. I'm going to get rid of my phone, if they don't come up with a law to stop this. It's the same thing as junk mail, and should be illegal."

Constitutional Law expert and George Washington U. Law professor Jonathan Turley: there are two grounds for challenging Arizona's Illegal Immigration Law -

BD: The most ridiculous thing about the Arizona Illegal Immigrant Law is by far people saying that the federal government isn't doing anything about it, so they had to "rush" in a law...WHAT ABOUT THE 8 YEARS OF BUSH/CHENEY??? THEY didn't do anything and there was no "rush"!!!!!!

Rep. Duncan Hunter Wants To Repeal 14th Amendment, Deport American-Born Children

REPORT: Following Passage Of Arizona Law, At Least Seven States Contemplate Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Arizona sheriff will NOT enforce racist, unconstitutional law:

More Republican dirty tricks: GOP busted for voter fraud. Yep! Not ACORN...THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!

Officials in California have launched a voter fraud investigation after dozens of people in Orange County said they had been tricked into registering as Republicans by campaigners who said they were petitioning for marijuana decriminalization and other causes.

Behind the Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Game to Swipe the November Election

Tricked by Pot to Vote Republican?

Sarah Palin & Sean Hannity - Fake Outrage

Republican Party is really FOR "Big Government" -

Keiser Report №38: Markets! Finance... Goldman Sachs! Plus: Webster Tarpley on what effect Greece's problems will have on the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Corbett Report (no, not WILK FOX "news" Jr.'s FAKE liberal Steve Corbett!!!): the manufactured Greek financial crisis and the manufactured Arizona Illegal Immigrant law; both were manufactured for ulterior motives, right on queue...PLUS, new study "Fair Use" benefits the economy but study isn't being covered by the corporate media:

Story#1: The European Economic Crisis Is Not Complicated

You might assume that the reason for the implosion in the Eurozone is a mystery. But it's not:

No Wonder the Eurozone is Imploding

econocrash: fortune, fail & the fed + geopolitiks update

Story#2: AZ Immigrant Law Energizes Hispanics, Dems

right on schedule: arizona immigrant law energizes hispanics, dems

congress using immigration to push national biometric id card

You think it's "crazy" that the Arizona law will be an excuse to "chip" people? Well, look at this:

GOP congressional candidate: We should put microchips in undocumented immigrants, like we do with dogs.

Story#3: Fair Use Contributes Trillions to US Economy

study: fair use contributes trillions to US economy

"Fair Use" study PDF.

Ewan Dobson - Through the Roof - Solo Guitar (there are NO other instruments...except for the guitar he's playing)

Great Korean bass player...he just likes to wear dresses!!!

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